Monday, August 28, 2006

Are You Desperate...

After seeing the new promo poster of Desperate Housewives, I have to write something about it. Personally, I really love this show, it is great! There's something in all of the (female) characters I can relate to. And how can you go wrong with all the hot guys (especially Jesse Metcalfe as John, Ryan Carnes as Justin, and Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew)?

I just can't wait for Season 3 to arrive in England as there will be a new guy called Josh Henderson joining the cast of the show as a regular. Apparently, Josh will play Austin, the sexy, bad-boy nephew of Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), who moves in to stir things up on Wisteria Lane. Yummm!

However, despite the success of the show, odd complaints do occur and here is a halarious example.

Back in 2004 when the show was first broadcasted in America, it was being criticised by a growing group of frustrated gardeners who said the show had led women to treat them like 'boy toys' or 'sexual objects'.
The male gardeners had filed a lawsuit against the network and the show, which follows the lives of four middle-aged women all with strikingly different agendas. One of them is an ex-model (Gabriel) whose millionaire husband and mansion can’t fulfill her needs, and it is made obvious when she puts the moves on her 17 years old hunky gardener (similar to the one in the picture =P).

In Tazanta, Carlifornia, 42 years old gardner Manuel Moralez said he has been living a nightmare since started airing on ABC.

"I'm trying to plant the wild daffodils, but I'm not having any luck because of all the harassment," said Moralez." The lady I work for can't keep her hands off me. All she wants is hot, animal sex, but I need to start mulching. She doesn't understand."

Unlike the sexy, attractive women on Wisteria Lane, the women who were accused of harassing their gardners tended to be on the 'heavy' side and in their mid-40's, according to the lawsuit.

Psychologist Abram Daniels said American housewives were simply trying to emulate the characters they saw on Desperate Housewives, but the gardeners they had employed were far from the hunky teenage gardener on the show who was played by actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Desperate Housewives, which had been drawing almost 25 million viewers every week, hit the top five faster than any new drama since 'ER' in 1994. The fact that at least one housewife found herself wearing only a bra and panties every week might have something to do with its popularity.

"I'm trying to mow the lawn, and I can't get my job done," said gardener Hector Andreas. "The old woman who owns the house is always asking me to come inside to get some lemonade. When I get inside, she's almost naked and tries to have her way with me. I feel so violated."

As the lawsuit travelled through the legal system, the gardeners who continued to work had taken precautionary measures.

"I have to keep working because I need the money," says Andreas. "Now when the lady starts rubbing against me, I just blow a rape whistle. It works about half of the time."

Awwww, bless Andreas.


Anonymous said...

Pr8, the blog looks great and reads very well.
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Anonymous said...

I love DH too but only Jesse Metcalfe does it for me (and apparently he returns in season 3).