Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Out there in Los Angeles, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a staving actor. It is no mystery, then, that some of these actors will turn to a career in porn to make a quick cash. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to break into straight porn movies, and once they do, the pay really sucks, compared to what a porn actress makes. In contrast, gay porn is easier to get into, and it pays better, as straight male porn actors are paid $300 to star in straight porn, men who star in gay porn are paid $3000! Out of desperation, some of these straight guys will make a gay porn movie for money, and it is called being Gay-4-Pay.

Thanks to the thread Squeezin' the Lemons on JUB, I discovered Jason Crew, a sweetheart from the Midewest, and a 'so call' Gay-4-Pay.

You gotta love Jason, the guy is cute and just so damn cheerful ( front of the camera). Above is a video of Jason winning some kind of award in the GayVN Awards. Anyway, I've been 'googling' Mr. Crew for the past few hours, but wherever I saw him, there was always involved a dick in his ass, either his own or someone else's. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw his interview with Tim and Roma (April 7, 2006) in which he declares that he is Gay-4-Pay, and he is probably 40% gay and 60% straight. Hello? Where is this 60% straight Jason Crew?

Okay, my point is that I don't believe in any of this Gay-4-Pay crap, as I don't believe a 100% real straight guy would have sex with another man, even for money. But at the end of the day, straight men, gay men, they are all men, and I like there's no problem for me as long as they put up a good show like our lovely Jason!

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Greg said...

Was reading through your older posts (love your blog BTW) and came across the Jason Crew post. I just LOVE that hunk of a man with his beautiful cock and sexy body. I was a bit surprised that he calls himself "gay for pay" also, since he seems to enjoy himself so much in his films.