Thursday, August 31, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Matt was born in northeastern Ohio in 1983, but later move to Alanta, Georgia when he was eight years old. In high school, he spent much of his time playing sports including baseball, football, and golf. His love for baseball led him to a position as a batboy with the Atlanta Braves.

While studying at the University of Georgia, he was selected as a competitor in the 2004 reality television series Manhunt: The Search for American's Most Gorgeous Male Model. Believe it or not, Matt did not win the competition, however, he did succeed in making in the show's top 10 (bless). Some people suggested he was not 'uber-ripped' enough to win the competition as a male model, I have no objection with that, but at the same time you cannot dismiss the fact he is indeed beautiful. I like that he has a 'normal' guy's body, not too chiselled, just normal and toned, and a cute pretty face is always a bonus!

After the competition, Matt decided to move to Los Angeles to follow his dreams of making acting a career. It didn't take this athletically built, blue-eyed hunk long to find work, and after a handful of TV guest appearances, he landed the plum role as the President's son Horace Calloway in the ABC television drama Commander in Chief in 2005. Rumor has it (and for now, it's just a rumor) that Matt's character might 'come out' at some point in the series. The hot First Son of US is a homo? The president will definitely get my vote!

Click HERE to watch the exclusive interview of Matt commenting his role in Commander in Chief. He is so drop dead gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken Commander In Chief has been cancelled.

nickwallacesmith said...

great blog - i'll be back! nick