Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sleeping Beauty...

Sleep on, and dream of Heaven awhile,
Tho' shut so close thy laughing eyes.
Thy rosy lips still wear a smile,
And move, and breathe delicious sighs.

Ah, now soft blushes tinge his cheeks,
And mantle o'er his neck of snow.
Ah, now he murmurs, now he speaks,
What most I wish, and fear to know.

He starts, he trembles, and he weeps,
He fair hands folded on his chest.
And now, how like a saint he sleeps,
A seraph in the realms of rest.

Sleep on secure, above controul,
Thy thoughts belong to Heaven and thee.
And may the secret of thy soul,
Remain within thy sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

What a body!

adam x said...

so peaceful