Wednesday, August 23, 2006


'Untitled' (or 'How Could This Happen to Me') is a song, and a music video, by the Montreal, Canada pop punk band Simple Plan. The song's official title is 'Untitled' but many people, especially those in the music and recording industry refer to it as 'How Could This Happen to Me' due to that phrase's repetition in the song.

The song is notable for the salient vocals and piano. The video tells a story of an automobile accident on a rainy night. A man, drinking alcohol while driving, inattentively drives head-on into a car driven by a woman, who dies. The man survives, relatively uninjured.

The 'hook' of the video is what happens to the victim's loved ones at the moment of impact, when it is graphically shown that there are more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever, to quote Simple Plan's description:

"Over the last few years, a lot of people we know have been involved in tragic accidents caused by drinking and driving. One of the students at our high-school crashed his car driving back from a weekend trip and killed his best friend. It was a very sad time that none of us will ever forget. When an accident happens, there are more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever...Parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, grandparents...everybody feels the impact. We wanted to tell a story with this video: the story about all of the innocent victims affected by drinking and driving."

I thought the 'Untitled' video was amazing. I've never been directly impacted by drunk-driving but this video still really touched me. It really made me see not only what happens to the people involved in the accident but also to their family.

I hope everyone feels the message from the video, and if you have been drinking,
I wish you will think twice (or even thrice) before you turn your ignition key.

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