Sunday, September 17, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Joey Amis works full-time in the BelAmi offices. He's an all purpose handyman, bright and always willing to help out. He builds sets, paints, makes repairs and does almost anything else anyone can ask. Recently Joey has begun to learn a whole new skill as he looks after the sound when Bel Ami films. His fans will be happy to know that he has also filmed some special episodes for the BelAmiOnline website. Joey is also the black sheep of his family. He comes from a very well established Slovak family and we sometimes feel that BelAmi is his way of rebelling.

Photoshoots from BelAmiOnline
Photoshoots from Freshmen Magazine July 2006
(Click the cover below to see the full set)


Anonymous said...

He's very sexy. Nice cock, ass and face.

Anonymous said...

Quite a yummy dreamboi!
Thanks for the treat.

Pr8wlwn said...

Well, it's my pleasure to fullfill your pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Joey can come over and rebell with me, then everything will be