Thursday, September 28, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Personally, I find SeanCody has hotter guys (just look at Clay and Harry) than CorbinFisher. However, every once in a while CF has something good to treat my eyes.

Meet Nick, a young, 'straight', Southern stud, who is totally hot and wonderful to stare at, but also just a great guy! He's a bit of a wild man, and has an extremely outgoing personality that puts everyone around him at ease. He's fun, laid back, has a great sense of humour, and when you mix that all in with those boyish look, awesome dark features, hot pecs, and all-round great body (plus his gorgeous cock and a wonderful set of nuts), it's no wonder he is selected to be featured as one of my Guilty Pleasures!

If you wanna see Nick in action, click HERE to watch his solo video and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. Just beware the size of this clip is around 180 MB, therefore please be patient while downloading. Thank you and enjoy Nick!


R*Y A N said...

i prefer sean cody, too, over corbin. my all-time fave sean cody model was patrick. he was something else.

btw, awesome blog. thanks for linking mine. i am more than happy to return the favour. :)

Pr8wlwn said...

Thanks R*yan for accepting me =P as I enjoy your blog so much that I need to add urs as one of my precious blogs.