Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Story Of...

I had experienced wet dreams every now and then, but actually saw a friend having one a couple years ago. Steve and I were on a long cycling trip in France, we were 2 weeks into the trip and decided to get a hotel instead of camp (after 2 weeks of solid cycling and camping, a shower and bed was going to feel good).

The first morning in the hotel I woke up before Steve, when I looked over at him in his bed, he was naked and had a massive 7 inches hard-on (he was on top of the sheets because the night was so hot). He was obviously having a steamy fuck in his dream as he was mumbling and
squirming back and forth, while the muscles in his chest and stomach looked tense and covered in sweat.

Seeing Steve made me instantly hot and hard, I pulled out my cock and began stroking. Unfortunately, the whole scene didn't last too long. I guess not getting off for 2 weeks is a little long for a mid 20-year-old guy. Steve's cock was tubed against his hard stomach and he was moaning big time. I stroked violently and it was all I could do to NOT cum.

Finally it happened, Steve's cock started pumping ribbons of white cum across his chest and stomach and flooding onto the bed sheets. The sight of Steve cumming pushed me over the edge, so I thought "what the hell" and I stood up next to Steve's bed and let my spent-up load fly across Steve's already cum-filled chest.

Once it was over, I climbed quickly back in my bed and pretended to still be asleep. Steve woke up half an hour later and was suprised to find himself covered in his own cum (and some of mine =P). Without making too much noise, he jumped out of bed and
rushed into the bathroom to clean himself up. I laid on my bed wishing Steve would have another wet dream during the rest of our trip but it never happened.

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Anonymous said...

Very well written! Sexy!