Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just Imagine...

I lie next to you and feel the warmth of your naked body, exite you with the feel of my fingers running over your chest. Brush lightly the tips of your hardening nipples, pinching them and making them sting and stand up to attention. I'm taking your right nipple into my mouth and running my tongue over the tip, blowing on it, making it feels the warmth of my breath then the chill as I move to the left.

I'm running my right hand down your flat hard stomach and over the front of your briefs, feeling your hard cock and the looseness of your balls. As I slide my hand under the waistband playing with the tip of your cock running my fingers over the head, I feel precum slippery and slick. I suck on your left nipple, while running my hand up and down your shaft. Your nipple feels like my tongue running over the head of your cock.

I am squeezing your cock and begin a constant up and down of my fist. I can feel your hips advancing up to meet my hand, moving your cock faster and faster. I hear you breath in short gasps as you cry, "yes, faster, please faster, harder" in my ear. I feel the pulsing hardness of your cock in my hand, your loud gasping moan as you shoot ropes of hot cum over your chest and stomach. I stroke harder, using your cum as lube on your hard slippery cock to squeeze out the last droplet of your precious cum. Your hips start to slow their rhythmic dance as your cock softens in my hand.

I whisper, "do you feel better?"

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Anonymous said...

YES! Much better, thank you my darling Angel. Now I'm going to return the favor to you. Only my tounge and mouth will touch your precious cock. I will suck and lick your whole body with nimble skill, most especially delighting in your magnificent balls and you sizzling cock. My tounge will caress your shaft. My lips will smother it with kisses, and I will lick my way to
your gorgeous glans. My tounge will message your frenulum sending you into spasms of delight. You sigh and groan with heavy breath, writhing in orgyastic pleasure. My tounge then circumambulates your corona, with each pass revisiting that delicious frenulum. You can no longer tell where you are, Earth or Paradise, your whole body reverberating in shiver of paradisical delight. My tounge revisits your shaft like a heavenly lollypop, You squeel with delight. You can bearly catch your breath, your body nears melt down. Then I explore your tantalizing meatus with the tip of my tounge, stroking it repeatedly to the rhythm of your groans. Your distillation, now abundant, is the succulant appetizer for the swiftly approaching main course, the loving sucking of your entire glans. First we suck, then we twist then we go up and down gently and serenely. I deep throat your throbbing cock every four time in this erootic cycle. My mouth feels the electricity of the bolt of lightning coursing through your body. Your cock is the lightening rod transmitting it into to me, as the ground ready and eager to absorb it. It is such a wonderful rush for the both of us. Our energies are already communing in each other, and that rush unleashes a profound emotional warmth that is palpable for both of us. You are giving me your whole being and I am giving my whole self to you. Your happiness and pleasure are the only thing that matter to me in this wonderful moment beyond time, and you send it all back to me in your joy of being loved and pleasured out of love the sends you out of your mind. You're burning up with passion, but we have more and greater delights to come. I will bring you repeatedly to the edge, before you erupt like a volcano in my mouth, and I will drink to my hearts delight the ambrosia of your cum, which will be sweeter to me than honey because it is you, my love. You just continue for a long time to throb in my mouth, while catching your breath, as I caress your throbbing cock with my tounge and mouth. I hear you ecstatically sighing, I look frequently to see the joy on your beautiful face. Your visage is aglow with the sweetest contentment.
Once your cock finally calms, we hug and kiss passioantely, like there's no tomorrow, then we hold each other in profound silience, where only the whispers of silent love can be heard in the two hearts that have become one love.

(WoW, I can really get into this fantasizing...It's great!) Thanks Pr8!