Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lonely Finds Me...

'One Day' by Trading Yesterday
Easily the best song from the original soundtrack of the movie Stealth (2005), 'One Day' is the first official appearance of the band Trading Yesterday. David Hodges, formerly of the successful Evanescence, leads this band. From an earlier version of this song, a new bridge, and different background vocals were added. Epic has a future major success here, with Trading Yesterday, with perfect vocals, inspiring lyrics and a variety of instruments (including strings, which doesn't come as a surprise, seeing that Hodges' arranged the strings on Evanescence's debut Fallen), 'One Day' (which, is a single for Trading Yesterday), is easily, as I said, the best track from this album.

Personally I think 'One Day' is one of the greatest love songs I've heard, and I really like the lyrics as it truely reflects my feeling towards love - no matter what happens, if I feel your love is reaching out, I will wait for it until that one day comes. To download the song, click the CD icon on the left or click below to listen LIVE. Enjoy!

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