Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Random Thought...

You meet a guy, you start chatting, you get on really really well and then you get on to the subject of age, he tells you that he is older than you thought, what do you do? Do you dump him just because of his age? Do you see him again but tell yourself that you are not going to get in to a serious relationship? Would you sacrifice the possibility of a long tern relationship and hapiness just on the basis of age?

I don't think that I have ever discounted a prospective friendship (or love interest, athough I am still waiting for him to come into my life) on the basis of age. I guess I have this enormous blind spot that stops me from judging people before I get to know them. Also I don't see beauty in the same way that some people do either. A friend of mine says that some of the women and men that I find attractive do absolutely nothing for him. Are any other of you guys like me? I have to admit that I find twinks attractive and I watch almost exclusively twink porn but that is not real life. If I ever got a twink who was interested in me I probably wouldn't know what to do with him =P.

Does anyone think that it would be exceptionally offensive if someone was to refuse to speak to you or suddenly became disinterested just because of your age? If that ever happens to me, I do.

To me, age doesn't matter. In fact, not much really matters. Be open minded, never discount anyone just because of their age and hope that other people don't discount you because of your age. Young people have things to teach older guys the same way that older guys can teach young people things. For loving relationships, just follow your (or my) heart!

Click HERE to read an interesting article about age and relationships, and I hope you will get some good idea out of it.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Pr8!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on age differences and how to handle them. This is a great service to make this info available.

Anonymous said...

pr8 your comments on age differecnces are right on, you have a refreshing outlook. There is 21 yrs difference in age between my partner and I. It is not an issue, we never think about it nor do our friends and family. Our relationship is great and to boot we reaise my partners 14 yr old son. By the way you have a great blog.