Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So Sexy...

Being sexy isn't about being perfect, and it's definitely not about a six-pack and bulging muscles. Often the sexiest men are imperfect, but they exude a confidence you can see from afar and feel upon contact. Sexiness is raw, natural and not afraid to being a little different. Sexiness knows no boundaries of race or age. If you've got it, you know it and, unlike a V-shaped torso, it's yours for life!

In the recent issue of DNA Magazine #80, grooming expert Will Fennell put up a 'So sexy/Not so sexy' barometer, which suggests few do's and don'ts when it comes to your external beauty. As I will go though each of the sexy do's over the next few days, make sure you come back to learn the tricks!

I >> So Sexy 'Splash'

A hint of pubic hair hanging out over the top of a guy's underwear. Grrr...get me up off my knees.

II >> So Sexy 'Fur'

Falling asleep on a hairy chest - preferably your man's and not your labradoodle's.

III >> So Sexy 'Shower & Towel'

Seeing your boyfriend after he jumps out of the shower and towel dries his hair (above and below) - all ruffled and sexy.

IV >> So Sexy 'Body'

Building a strong body with muscles for more than just the dancefloor by getting out of the gym and hitting the hills for some biking, hiking or climbing.

V >> So Sexy 'Eyebrows'

Strong natural eyebrows - just as long as they aren't so bushy they need to be braided or straightened with a blow dryer.

VI >> So Sexy 'Porn'

Making sexy amateur porn with your special someone. All you need is a handy cam and a porn name - just make sure, if you dump him, you keep the copies!

VII >> So Sexy 'Bum'

Keep your bubble butt sexy-perky by taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking instead of driving. Give it a good workout!

VIII >> So Sexy 'Tan'

Whether you earned it in the sun, on a bed or out of a bottle, a tan that looks natural is always sexy. Too much, though, and you'll end up looking like that proverbial citrus fruit.

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