Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Greeting...

Hello guys! Greeting from Oz and happy halloween! Unfortunately, I don't have any tricks but I do have a treat (wish he is mine). Enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2006

See You In Oz...

As you can see, I've posted over 400 mobile wallpapers below! Which one is gonna be your favourite and can you find the 'naked' phone? Until then, see you guys in Australia!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess What...

On Friday the 27th, I'm off on holiday to Australia for five weeks! Although I still have two days to go, I'm already getting excited because I have never been to Australia! Any Aussie out there can give me some tips for travelling around your country? All comments are welcome!

P.S. Remember to check out tomorrow's update 'cos it's gonna be BIG and HOT! Just get your mobile phone ready as I'm gonna 'sex it up' a little...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Guilty Pleasure...

This time I'm introducing JJ (Jimmy Johnson) from Straight Boys Jerk Off. Well, just by looking at his beautiful smile, you can count on JJ to make your dick hard in a few seconds! He's so 'straight' and HOT that you won't be able to resist his charm!

"When I first met with JJ I could not believe my eyes. He is so incredibly hot, I lost my breath. Not only was he hot but he was also really friendly and funny. He was still in high school when I met him and was graduating that week. He is a lot of fun to hang out with and very eccentic. He has become a regular and you will be seeing a lot of JJ Even though he is 'completely straight' and has a girlfriend, I am working on trying to get him to do other things with another guy, we will see," said the producer.

Click HERE to see more sexy pictures of JJ or click HERE (150 MB) to watch him in action. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hey guys! I recently read this interesting article on Gay.com and would like to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Speaking of Saving Yourself for Love
by Simon Sheppard

We all love to be loved. And most of us love to get laid. But are these two things naturally linked? Or are they two quite different needs that sometimes, but not always, overlap? Should a guy save sex for the one he loves?

It's not just a simple matter of saints versus sluts. Even the most promiscuous men, in the midst of good sex, often experience at least a moment of emotion when the other guy morphs from sex object into boyfriend material. "I just don't want to feel so vulnerable if I'm with someone I may well never see again," says one cautious guy.

Yet, as many of us know all too well, finding Mr. Perfect ain't so easy. Many gay men engage in 'serial monogamy', putting out for the one guy they're dating at the moment. Others more or less successfully distinguish between 'important sex' with a boyfriend and 'just plain sex' with everyone else.

Much of what we think of as romance, 'falling in love', sexual fidelity, the 'Only One in the World for Me' is less hardwired into the human animal than it is culturally constructed. A lot of the Western world's notions of romantic love pretty much date from the Middle Ages, where it was cooked up by poets in... where else? France. After centuries of pro-monogamy propaganda, the idea of saving yourself for Mr. Right seems as natural as breathing. But male-male sex has never really played by the rules. To the shock (and envy) of many straights, gay men realized that where they put their woodies wasn't necessarily where they put their commitments. (Though the last few decades have shaken up the rules even for the heterosexually inclined.)

The question of what constitutes gay 'virginity' is tricky, since anal sex doesn't have the same primacy for queer guys that vaginal sex does for hets. Some gay men go through their entire lives sucking off hundreds of guys but never having anal sex, so are they still virgins or not? The lack of a clear division between queer foreplay and 'real sex' would seem to imply that any sexual contact at all would be a loss of cherry, but not everyone thinks a bit of mutual masturbation equals being deflowered.

There's much to be said for celibacy till couplehood. Life can be confusing enough without juggling a bunch of tricks. And sometimes men just aren't ready for or interested in having sex. Or so I've heard.

Still, sex is one of those learn-by-doing activities. One 18-year-old, though very much in love, confesses, "I don't know what I am doing in bed. I just need to know how I can make sex more fun." All the books and videos in the world are no substitute for experience. As one man in his 40s says, "It took a lot of screwing before I found out what my real desires were and how I could have dynamite sex."

On the one hand, there's the danger that when you finally find the man of your dreams, you'll be a jaded, worn-out hump-bunny, and on the other, that you'll fall in love and then find out both of you are pretty clueless where the Nasty is concerned. Will waiting for sex make eventually doing it with Mr. Right even better, or will horniness convince you that whoever comes along is Mr. Right? What's a homo to do?

Well, being honest with yourself and others is the kind of advice Mom would give you, but sometimes Mom is right. There are, unfortunately, no easy universal rules to follow when it comes to the heart and the hard-on. Trial and error, it's what being human is all about.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Salute! His name is Brent and he gets his first blow job from a guy at MilitaryClassified.com. Everything about this southern country boy exudes masculinity and pure straightness. He's tall, gifted with a pair of beautiful blue eyes, great hair, smooth body, tan skin and a nice 7 incher. According to the website, Brent is a virgin in every respect of the word to the whole 'gay for pay' world. Whether this is true or not, I don't really give a damn as long as he puts up a good show.

I've got to say watching Brent getting blown is one of the hottest moments of my gay porn experience. Not only is he is one cute and handsome dude with a great manner and terrific smile, but he really seems to enjoy the blow job and lets you know it. Afterwards, he is so exhausted he cannot stand up and says it's the best he ever had! Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a guy like Brent, who continues to 'go' after cumming. Maybe that's one of the reasons that makes him so adorable.

If you want to share Brent's experience, click HERE to watch the video (86 MB). It is SUPER HOT!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The field of daisies... Imagine the field of daisies... Spring... and you are passing the way just by that field. Suddenly one daisy drives your attention. He is one from the thousands but you come near him... there's something in him that attracts you... you pick it up... you want it to be yours, only yours. You don't think about that he will die because of this, and you go away from that field. This was sudden desire, maybe a little bit selfish but wonderful and unstoppable. This is PASSION.

Again you are passing the field of daisies... and again the one from the million drives your attention. You go near this daisy... you want to touch it, but you can't. You feel like you want to die near him. But, suddenly, a breeze blows into your face and brings you the smell of another flower. It is so amazing that you can't stand and go to the place where this scent came from. As about the daisy he is left in one corner of your heart. You haven't shared many things, and you will never forget about him, but also you cannot come back to him. This is AFFECTION.

And again the same field... one daisy that attracts you. One from the million, but you go to him... and you stay there. You will do your best to not let him die. The only thing you want is to be near him. You believe that there's nothing that can make you leave this place... and you will be there... you will be there 'til his last day... and that's LOVE.


Thanks to Beautiful, I came across this set of beautiful photos captured by the relatively new Swiss photographer Sandro Bross. Pascal, Nils, Ramon, and Demmy are the names of these four cuties, and I am particularly in love with the one with short silver-blond hair. Anyway, I think I should stop talking and let the guys to strike their poses and vogue, vogue, vogue...

Vogue by Madonna

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Happens...

Is Fantasy Better Than Reality?
It comes up when incongruent situations appear in our life, where something that hasn't yet happened appears irrationally magnificent in comparison to something that already either exists for us or something that is also a good thing and more achievable, but not as magnificent. After we chew on it for a while and think about the unintended consequences and side effects, we often conclude that we'll stay with what we have, but enjoy thinking about the fantasy. Now, I've never been accused of not 'going for things', so you need to imagine 'big fantasies' here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

What more can I say? Jason Hawke is the TOTAL PACKAGE! He is a good-looking guy, he's got gorgeous blue/green eyes, and a body to die for! Plus his smooth skin and curvy ass cannot hurt him, I'm sure!

Jason was born and raised in a small town outside of Hamburg, Germany. He can speaks German and fluent English but with a slight German accent (I always find english with a foreign accent very sexy). Jason's inspiration to join the world of adult pornography came from the Academy-Award nominated film Boogie Nights. Even though most film critics believe the film portrays the world of pornography in a relatively negatively light, he has said in a handful of interviews that he found the film enticing.

Jason started his career in the business over 6 years ago and has performed in about 60 movies with all of the top studios, including Falcon, Rascal Video, Studio 2000, All Worlds, Titan, BuckShot’s Video, HotHouse and Raging Stallion Studios.

Perhaps Jason's biggest claim to fame is his long-running relationship with fellow actor Jeremy Jordan in the realm of gay pornography. The two met on the set of Jocks' Violation in 2000. Although their particular scene was a threesome, both Jason and Jordan have said that there's an instant chemistry, that fellow participant Eric Hart was theoretically ignored (awww), and that they have been a couple since. The loving couple, on many occasions, performed in the same film together, whether they were in the same scene together or not. While they may be ok with having an 'open relationship' on camera, the two definitely have their boundaries when it comes to off-camera sex romps!

"We talk to each other about everything and don't usually do things unless the other is included, and it's all about communication," says Jason. Hmm... it all sounds very sweet but something tells me that talking isn't the only oral skill that has kept these hearts afire!

Jason has currently put his film-making persona on hold and is focusing on his own official home site. Jason Hawke XXX is the ultimate hot spot for all his fans as it has hundreds of exclusive photos of himself with Jordan and other fellow actors. Plus he offers a webcam show for all of his members and some personal candid home movies taken privately! So, don't let that boy next door charm fool you, Jason is all man and he's as horny as any other red-blooded American boy!

Click the photo above to read an article about Jason as the spokemodel of JustUsBoys.com. However, if you still can't get enough of my sexy Jason, more photos of him can be found in Gallery 1, Gallery 2, and Gallery 3. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Biology Of...

Most healthy men wake up in the morning with an erection. The slang term for this is 'Morning Wood'. This is normal and it's fairly common. Men have several erections a night as part of their sleep cycle. Many times they wake up and find they are still erect.

Man's penis becomes erect in response to sexual arousal, excitement, and deep relaxation such as what's experienced in deep dreaming sleep. An erection is caused by a rush of blood to the penis. A man's penis, especially a young man's penis, can also become erect without any kind of arousing stimulation and this is called a 'spontaneous erection'.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Matching Memory...

'Matching Memory' is a game in which you have to find matching pairs of pictures (of the same model) that are hidden in the hearts below. By using mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory (whatever). Good luck and have fun!