Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dancing In The Street With...

Long before I came to Australia, I had been listening to songs by the Human Nature (with two of my favourites Raining In California and When You Say You Love Me). For those who have not heard of them, Human Nature is a successful Australian boyband (or now a manband) and pop vocal group. The group was originally formed as doo-woop band in 1989 while the current members were at school together in Sydney. So far, the band has had 17 Top 40 hits and five Top 10 hits in Australia since 1996 when their first album was released.

Their latest album Dancing in the Street - Songs of Motown II (2006) is the rushed-out sequal of their first Motown album released in 2005. They are great songs, they are great singers and the slick, old-school production is great!

"Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat..."

"This classic lyric, always synonymous with good times and the incredible soulful, inspiring songs of Motown, couldn’t be a more perfect way to launch the second part of our musical trip to Hitsville," said Human Nature

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