Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do Opposites Attract...

Personally, I think the 'Rules of Attraction' are genetic and actually quite scientific. Though I'm sure there maybe a lot of people that would disagree with me, I believe the people with whom we choose to mate are naturally a part of every person created to keep the gene pool circulating, just like those in the animal kingdom.

"But wait," you say, "the gays don't breed, so are we exempt from this?"

No. A lot of gay couples I notice are a mix of just about all the genetic male variations. Try to look at the gay couples around you and see if the following holds up. Generally a gay couple includes:
  • Two men of height that is within 6 inches of one another (any larger difference makes the sex kinda awkward).
  • One with light colored eyes, one with dark eyes.
  • One with light colored hair, one with dark hair.
  • One with a physically 'small' frame, one with a larger build.
  • One that is socially outgoing, and one that is more reserved.
These are obviously not without exception, but I've noticed them to be the general rule. In my dreams (well, more like wet dreams), most of my potential boyfriend/partner/fuck-buddy (whatever you wanna call him) and I are no exception to the rule. He is about an inch taller or shorter than I, light brown or blond hair to my black, blue eyes to my brown, defined muscularly toned body to my average build, sometimes with a patch of chest hair to my smooth bared chest, top to my bottom (ok, it starts to turn me on, so I'll stop there), and so on.

In summary, I think that we as gay men are still genetically program- med to keep the gene pool going even though we are not really perpetuating the species, and we are 'programmed' to seek out those with differing genetic traits in order to continue the variations.


Believer said...

There IS valid scientific research showing that, if all other things are equal, people with different immune systems, which are genetically based, will be more attracted to one another than people with similar immune systems, and a similar genetic make-up. Such an attraction would insure that their children would have greater genetic diversity in their immune systems and thus a better resistance against disease and a better rate of survival and reproductive rate.

On the one hand, I'm sure there are many characteristics that result in "birds of a feather flocking together....", but I have to wonder how many of these are "cultural," more than genetic? On the other hand, two gay men with different strengths and abilities, working together, would be able to handle a wider variety of problems succesfully than if they were exactly alike, and since both men would also likely be emotionally close to their sisters, the gay partnership would indirectly increase the survivability of the sisters' children. I have wondered if, in very tight-knit societies where arranged marriages are the norm, if actually more of the men tend toward being gay and as such tend to work together with one another for the community's mutual good, while also having it ensured that their genes are passed on through the arranged marriages?

Anonymous said...

i just don't get it...there's no such things as that?

Anonymous said...

It's a Mystery of Attraction that genetics certianly helps along.

Anonymous said...

This entry makes sense. I have my ideal mate all worked out in my head. He's about three to five inches taller than me, he's slim, Italian with dark caramel skin(YUM!!!) and his name is Jacob...He's like my soulmate...I'm sure he's out there. We just have to find each other <3