Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Hi guys! It has been sometime since I update the blog. As you knew I was travelling in Australia for the last 5 weeks and I had the best time of my life downunder. The sun, the sea, the beaches, the sceneries, the food, the booze, and not to mention those smoky hot Aussie guys were more than enough for me to stay there for the whole summer... too bad I didn't have enough holidays! Oh well, I am sure someday I will have the chance to go back and explore more!

P.S. It might sound a bit sad but I was really proud that I bought the latest copy of DNA magazine in Oz, but I regretted that I wasn't brave enough to hit the gay clubs (as I was travelling alone most of the time) or pull any sexy Aussies =(

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Anonymous said...

Pr8, "inner pressure" will eventually pop you out of your shyness.