Thursday, December 28, 2006

Love Scent...

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have more chemical attraction than others and generally exude more confidence? Scientific evidence suggests that this is due to the power of pheromones, natural attractants that send out airborne signals from the body that are received by others. The pheromones stimulate the vomeronasal organ (VNO), a tiny chemical receptor in the nose, which is connected to the hypothalamus, the gland in the brain which triggers the chemicals responsible for emotions. We all have pheromones, some people just have more than others.

"TEN is a fragrant, man for man pheromones designed exclusively for gay men who want to spice up their social life, improve their self- confidence and make themselves mysteriously irresistible."

"It is long-lasting, but never overpowering. Decidedly masculine, yet clean and fresh. A hint of Citrus, a touch of Ocean Breeze, a sensual anchor of Patchouli Oil and Cedarwood aim for intense sensory stimuli. A delightful fragrance on its own, with the added kick of odorless pheromones, TEN is a real knockout."

Personally I think this kind of stuff works more like a 'placebo' rather than a 'magnet' for the wearer towards other gay men. The theory is similar to people (including myself) who take those so-called calming remedies to 'calm' themselves down before they sit their driving test. At the end of the day, both driving test and pulling guys are just another psychological game of our self-confidence. However, there's always no harm to fantasising the 'suppose-to-happen' effect of the fragrance, just like the two hot guys in its commercial. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Who knows what the scientific basis of TEN is?
If that stuff really worked like it does in the ad, it would be a giant aid to all the shy guys who need more self confidence in approaching guys. Try some, and use that as the conversation starter in a place where you can meet guys. Tell them your doing research on this and you are a live field experiment. The pheremones may not draw, but that story line might.

Pr8 said...

Umm, what a great idea! I may think about doing that.