Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slash This X'mas With...

It may sound pathetic but I don't enjoy watching horror movies at all as I hate to be kept in supensions and I get scared easily =P Anyway, under the influence of my friend, I overcame my fear, rented the DVD and watched Hellbent with him over the weekend (I understand the film had been out since 2004 but I just didn't have the gut to watch it all this time). Well, to tell the truth, it was not as 'bad' as I imagined although I did cover my eyes everytime while the slasher about to slash his victims up (seriously, I am that BAD with horrors).

In fact, the storyline is pretty straightforward, four gay friends went to a halloween carnival and one after another became the victims of a serial killer/slasher. The two things that encourage me to sit down and finish the film are the sexy characters, especially the two HOT main actors (Dylan Fergus as Eddie the shy, inexperienced copper and Bryan Kirkwood as Jake the bad, sultry motorcycle biker) and the suspension of their very first kiss (I do love this kind of suspension though).

Overall, if Hellbent is the typical hetero-slasher-horror movie, I can tell you I won't even be bovvered to watch it (as I am too scared to see all the killing), and it's definitely not a film for this Christmas =P

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