Thursday, August 31, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Matt was born in northeastern Ohio in 1983, but later move to Alanta, Georgia when he was eight years old. In high school, he spent much of his time playing sports including baseball, football, and golf. His love for baseball led him to a position as a batboy with the Atlanta Braves.

While studying at the University of Georgia, he was selected as a competitor in the 2004 reality television series Manhunt: The Search for American's Most Gorgeous Male Model. Believe it or not, Matt did not win the competition, however, he did succeed in making in the show's top 10 (bless). Some people suggested he was not 'uber-ripped' enough to win the competition as a male model, I have no objection with that, but at the same time you cannot dismiss the fact he is indeed beautiful. I like that he has a 'normal' guy's body, not too chiselled, just normal and toned, and a cute pretty face is always a bonus!

After the competition, Matt decided to move to Los Angeles to follow his dreams of making acting a career. It didn't take this athletically built, blue-eyed hunk long to find work, and after a handful of TV guest appearances, he landed the plum role as the President's son Horace Calloway in the ABC television drama Commander in Chief in 2005. Rumor has it (and for now, it's just a rumor) that Matt's character might 'come out' at some point in the series. The hot First Son of US is a homo? The president will definitely get my vote!

Click HERE to watch the exclusive interview of Matt commenting his role in Commander in Chief. He is so drop dead gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Confessions Tour...

The following are some photos that I took in Madonna's Confessions Tours at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 30 July 2006 (exactly one month ago today). I still felt very privileged to be there as I was one of the lucky 3,000 that got access to the 'Golden Circle', which I stood right next to the catwalk! I really enjoyed every single second of it, and I had to admit it was the BEST concert I've ever seen as Madonna looked amazing on her Confessions stage! What a night to remember!

Waiting For...

Here is a good read for all those virgins out there (including myself), who are not sure of how and to whom your very 'first time' should be given. For some, making such decision is just a piece of cake, but for others, like myself, it can be the decision of a lifetime. This article certainly helped me to reinforce my decision to save my 'first time' for someone special, someone who I care and love. I hope it will also help some of you to find the meaning of your 'first time'.

The First Time
by Martyn Illingworth

There comes a time in every relationship which we all dread, even worse than meeting the parents - the first time we have sex.

I've had a fair bit of sex, most of it good, some of it bad, and a fair chunk of it downright ugly. But sex isn't always the same thing. The sex we have largely depends on the person we're in bed with.

Sex with someone we care about is almost entirely different to sex with someone we don't. The sensations we feel, the way we act and the intimacy we experience are all remarkably different dependant on the type of sex we are having.

One-night stand sex is immediate, passionate and feverish (if it's good at least) whilst relationship-sex is sensual, erotic and loving.

One-night stands are great because we can let go of all our inhibitions and our sexual hang-ups. It is highly unlikely that we will ever see the person lying on top us ever again - and so we don't have to impress them, we can be free to enjoy the moment and concentrate on our own pleasure.

Relationships sex, in the early stages, however is rather different. Because we like the person we are sleeping with, we try to impress them, we care about our performance and how much we are pleasing them. The pressure to perform well and pleasure our partner means that the sex we end up having isn't intimate or loving - instead it's rehearsed and focused, at the beginning at least.

I'm at that stage in a relationship right now. We started dating about 2 weeks ago, and though we haven't mentioned it, I can tell sex is on the cards soon.

I'm not a man who scares easily, I can kill spiders, remove dead mice from traps and hold snakes all without fainting, however, when it comes to having sex with my new man, I'm terrified. I'm defiantly no virgin - but this is virgin territory.

I know that the more I obsess over it, the more pressure I place on it to be perfect. And yet, as a sex-writer, I know that sex is never perfect. No matter how good we think the sex we’re getting is, it's not perfect.

I remember the last time I had sex with a new partner - and how scared I was then, yet I had no need. The sex was great when we eventually got around to it. And the reason it was so good?

Because we were both relaxed about it, we both knew that there was so much pressure on the event - that it would be terrible if we just did it. So we talked about it, and ended up laughing about how anxious and nervous we'd been. And then, when we did sleep together, it was fantastic.

At the end of the day, sex is just sex. If the person we're with cares about us, then our sexual performance shouldn't change those feelings, and if they do - is this really the sort of person we want to be with?

The sex we have when we don't care about a person is good, but the sex we have when we do care, when we're in love, is phenomenal.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The 6-Pack Rub...

I actually have a fond erotic memory would like to share with you. When I was working in Oxford, England. I was eating lunch inside a restaurant secretly spying on a straight guy sprawled out drinking a coke at a table on the sidewalk. A girl came by and started talking to him. Since I was watching through the glass I don't have a clue what they were saying, but the guy kept casually lifting his shirt and scratching his perfect abs as if he was playing the banjo.

I had to admitted I was instantly turned on by that and I've never forgot. I've also seen guys at the gym wipe the sweat off their face with the bottom of their t-shirt, 'accidently' exposing for all to see their beautiful six-packs (some even have their sexy 'trails' as bonus).

I guess if I have a perfect six-pack (as I am working on it) I will find ways of showing them off! Wouldn't you or you've already had one?

Gay Straight Guys...

This is a short clip from the Mad TV. It was funny yet sexy, and that last kiss was really cute as well. Enjoy!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Are You Desperate...

After seeing the new promo poster of Desperate Housewives, I have to write something about it. Personally, I really love this show, it is great! There's something in all of the (female) characters I can relate to. And how can you go wrong with all the hot guys (especially Jesse Metcalfe as John, Ryan Carnes as Justin, and Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew)?

I just can't wait for Season 3 to arrive in England as there will be a new guy called Josh Henderson joining the cast of the show as a regular. Apparently, Josh will play Austin, the sexy, bad-boy nephew of Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), who moves in to stir things up on Wisteria Lane. Yummm!

However, despite the success of the show, odd complaints do occur and here is a halarious example.

Back in 2004 when the show was first broadcasted in America, it was being criticised by a growing group of frustrated gardeners who said the show had led women to treat them like 'boy toys' or 'sexual objects'.
The male gardeners had filed a lawsuit against the network and the show, which follows the lives of four middle-aged women all with strikingly different agendas. One of them is an ex-model (Gabriel) whose millionaire husband and mansion can’t fulfill her needs, and it is made obvious when she puts the moves on her 17 years old hunky gardener (similar to the one in the picture =P).

In Tazanta, Carlifornia, 42 years old gardner Manuel Moralez said he has been living a nightmare since started airing on ABC.

"I'm trying to plant the wild daffodils, but I'm not having any luck because of all the harassment," said Moralez." The lady I work for can't keep her hands off me. All she wants is hot, animal sex, but I need to start mulching. She doesn't understand."

Unlike the sexy, attractive women on Wisteria Lane, the women who were accused of harassing their gardners tended to be on the 'heavy' side and in their mid-40's, according to the lawsuit.

Psychologist Abram Daniels said American housewives were simply trying to emulate the characters they saw on Desperate Housewives, but the gardeners they had employed were far from the hunky teenage gardener on the show who was played by actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Desperate Housewives, which had been drawing almost 25 million viewers every week, hit the top five faster than any new drama since 'ER' in 1994. The fact that at least one housewife found herself wearing only a bra and panties every week might have something to do with its popularity.

"I'm trying to mow the lawn, and I can't get my job done," said gardener Hector Andreas. "The old woman who owns the house is always asking me to come inside to get some lemonade. When I get inside, she's almost naked and tries to have her way with me. I feel so violated."

As the lawsuit travelled through the legal system, the gardeners who continued to work had taken precautionary measures.

"I have to keep working because I need the money," says Andreas. "Now when the lady starts rubbing against me, I just blow a rape whistle. It works about half of the time."

Awwww, bless Andreas.

Do You Know...

Below are some steps on how to have a shower like a man. If you still feel a bit unsure of what to do, just click on the picture above and ask Riley [Fratmen], I am sure he is more than welcome to show you the technique personally! The size of this clip is huge (~170 MB) but is worth the wait, therefore, please be patient while downloding. More pictures of this gorgeous college cheerleader can be found HERE.

Enjoy your shower!

  • Take off your clothes while sitting on the edge of the bed and leave them in a pile.
  • Walk naked to the bathroom.
  • Look at your manly physique (if you have one) in the mirror.
  • Admire the size of your dick and scratch your butt.
  • Get in the shower.
  • Wash your face.
  • Wash your armpits.
  • Massage your pecs and abs.
  • Spend majority of time washing your privates and surrounding areas.
  • Wash your butt.
  • Wash your hair (including pubes).
  • Make a Shampoo Mohawk.
  • Play with your dick or have a wank (if you are feeling horny).
  • Pee.
  • Rinse off and get out of the shower.
  • Partially dry yourself off.
  • Fail to notice water on the floor because curtain was hanging out of the tub the whole time.
  • Admire the size of your dick in the mirror again.
  • Leave the shower curtain opens, wet mat on the floor, light and fan on.
  • Return to bedroom with towel around your waist.
  • If you pass your boyfriend/girlfried/wife, pull off towel, shake your dick at him/her and make the 'woo-hoo' sound.
  • Throw wet towel on the bed.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Out there in Los Angeles, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a staving actor. It is no mystery, then, that some of these actors will turn to a career in porn to make a quick cash. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to break into straight porn movies, and once they do, the pay really sucks, compared to what a porn actress makes. In contrast, gay porn is easier to get into, and it pays better, as straight male porn actors are paid $300 to star in straight porn, men who star in gay porn are paid $3000! Out of desperation, some of these straight guys will make a gay porn movie for money, and it is called being Gay-4-Pay.

Thanks to the thread Squeezin' the Lemons on JUB, I discovered Jason Crew, a sweetheart from the Midewest, and a 'so call' Gay-4-Pay.

You gotta love Jason, the guy is cute and just so damn cheerful ( front of the camera). Above is a video of Jason winning some kind of award in the GayVN Awards. Anyway, I've been 'googling' Mr. Crew for the past few hours, but wherever I saw him, there was always involved a dick in his ass, either his own or someone else's. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw his interview with Tim and Roma (April 7, 2006) in which he declares that he is Gay-4-Pay, and he is probably 40% gay and 60% straight. Hello? Where is this 60% straight Jason Crew?

Okay, my point is that I don't believe in any of this Gay-4-Pay crap, as I don't believe a 100% real straight guy would have sex with another man, even for money. But at the end of the day, straight men, gay men, they are all men, and I like there's no problem for me as long as they put up a good show like our lovely Jason!

Question Ten...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey Mr. DJ...

In just four years, New Zealand-raised and Sydney-based DJ (and underwear model for aussieBum) Neal Crawford has built a reputation for consistently delivering strong trance, house and tribal sets made for the event and crowd. With a pleasing habit of infusing the room with his unique uplifting and progressive style, his presence ensures a party pumps to the end. But with a body like his, though, I'd be surprised if anyone has even noticed there was music playing...

His first club night was at renowned Sydney superclub Arq on New Year’s Eve 2001/02, soon followed by a set at the legendary Frisky party recovery. The momentum was maintained with sets at Frisky proper, along with performances at Sydney's sell-out parties Queer Nation, Ruby and ToyBox. Interstate appearances include Brisbane's Shine party in Spring 2002, as well as Melbourne institution Magnitude. Indeed, his status as a top-shelf Australian DJ was recently cemented with a closing set at Sydney Sleaze Ball 2003 playing to thousands and drawing music media acclaim. Neal has most lately had the opportunity to work alongside major international DJ identities and idols like Matt Darey and the Space Brothers.

Passionate about his music and constantly refining his raw talent and energy, Neal has the potential and desire to break into the international DJ arena. However in true self-effacing style, he is reluctant to talk about his ability – leaving that to his growing base of loyal followers. While Neal will take you on a fresh dance music journey full of highlights, it seems the Neal Crawford journey has only just begun.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Like It Or Not...

Don't ignore fish when you are planning your weekly diet. Fish is a fabulous food - lots of variety in taste and texture, versatile and low in saturated fat. It's also low in calories - the perfect healthy diet food. Aim to include a fish dish in your diet at least twice a week - and more is better!
  • Oily fish (Mackerel, Herring, Sardines) contain Omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat which can help to reduce total blood cholesterol. Omega-3 in the diet protects the heart and circulation and may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
  • Medical studies have shown that Omega-3 oils play an important part in aiding the development of our brains.
  • Seafood contains an abundance of essential minerals - iron, zinc, iodine and selenium.
  • Fish is a good source of Vitamins helping to maintain healthy nerves, strong bones and teeth and a glowing complexion.
  • Fish is a low fat and/or good fat source of protein, essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of muscles and body tissues.
  • As well as your brain, your love life could benefit from eating seafood as part of a healthy diet. Shellfish such as oysters have a reputation for acting as an aphrodisiac!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


PR8WLWN'S BLOG is back online!

Guilty Pleasure...

A little bit pop, a little bit rock, a little bit acoustic, twinkalicious cutie Austin Drage is a 20 year old British singer/songwriter/boybander who thinks he is 'exceptionally talented'. He was also appeared in the recent UK Channel 4's reality programme Boys Will Be Girls. To tell the truth, I am interested more in the 'talents' you can see in these photographs.

Click HERE for more pictures of Austin. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


'Untitled' (or 'How Could This Happen to Me') is a song, and a music video, by the Montreal, Canada pop punk band Simple Plan. The song's official title is 'Untitled' but many people, especially those in the music and recording industry refer to it as 'How Could This Happen to Me' due to that phrase's repetition in the song.

The song is notable for the salient vocals and piano. The video tells a story of an automobile accident on a rainy night. A man, drinking alcohol while driving, inattentively drives head-on into a car driven by a woman, who dies. The man survives, relatively uninjured.

The 'hook' of the video is what happens to the victim's loved ones at the moment of impact, when it is graphically shown that there are more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever, to quote Simple Plan's description:

"Over the last few years, a lot of people we know have been involved in tragic accidents caused by drinking and driving. One of the students at our high-school crashed his car driving back from a weekend trip and killed his best friend. It was a very sad time that none of us will ever forget. When an accident happens, there are more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever...Parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, grandparents...everybody feels the impact. We wanted to tell a story with this video: the story about all of the innocent victims affected by drinking and driving."

I thought the 'Untitled' video was amazing. I've never been directly impacted by drunk-driving but this video still really touched me. It really made me see not only what happens to the people involved in the accident but also to their family.

I hope everyone feels the message from the video, and if you have been drinking,
I wish you will think twice (or even thrice) before you turn your ignition key.

What Is Love...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Today I proudly present the adorable Steve Sandvoss. Born in New York, Sandvoss grew up in the suburbs of New York City. He attended school there and Connecticut before enrolling at Harvard University. At Harvard, Steve was active in artistic community, pursuing amateur photography, studying poetry, and American prose, and often choosing edgier roles in student-written plays as well as in such classics as Shakespeare. In addition, he directed readings of his own work at Harvard and wrote criticism and essays for several undergraduate periodicals. While in college, he was also breaking into modeling and acting in New York. He graduated from Harvard with the distinction Cum Laude and moved to Los Angeles.

Once arrived in Los Angeles, Steve wasted no time and made an impressive feature-film debut in the 2003 independent film Latter Days. In it he played as the sweet and innocent Elder Aaron Davis, a Mormon missionary from Idaho who moves to Los Angeles and falls in love with a West Hollywood party boy, played by Wes Ramsey. The film received great response in the gay community, and Steve was then nominated for Outstanding Lead actor in the 2005 International Gay Film Awards. Personally, I think he plays gay better than some of the gay guys. The boy carries this movie. Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous, but his charm and commitment to the role are thoroughly convincing, too bad he claims to be straight.

Steve may not be a blond muscled hunk, but there's something about his body and his look, and what he does with his eyes, that I just find so engaging and endearing and irresistable! JUST LOOK AT HIM! He definitely is one of the top boys in my Book of Beauty.

Monday, August 21, 2006


If your answer to Anton is 'YES', that is brilliant!
If your answer to Anton is 'NO', then that is just not good enough, because you just don't know what you have missed all this time! So, in order to make it up with Anton, go and visit some 'Material Boys' on Cute Guys Online Forum before it's too late!

The New Mix...

Believe it or not, science can sometimes be sexy too!

The tally of planets in our solar system would jump instantly from nine to a dozen under a highly controversial new definition proposed by the International Astronomical Union, which would reclassify an asteroid and a moon as planets, plus add one far-out object. Eventually, there would be hundreds of planets, as more round objects are found beyond Neptune. Click below to understand more about our new solar system.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ever Wonder...

It's no secret that I love beautiful men (everybody does), but what actually makes a man beautiful and sexy? Well, there are just so many things to love...his smile, his body, his intelligence, his compassion, his toughness, his sexuality, his humour, his morals, his weakness and strengths. But if I had to choose one, I would go with eyes, hands down. The eyes are by far one of the most beautiful human features in my opinion. It sounds so cliché, but I could just get lost staring into a beautiful pair of eyes, and that's always the first thing that catches my attention on a man. Disagree? Open your eyes and see it yourself...

The Sleeping Beauty...

Sleep on, and dream of Heaven awhile,
Tho' shut so close thy laughing eyes.
Thy rosy lips still wear a smile,
And move, and breathe delicious sighs.

Ah, now soft blushes tinge his cheeks,
And mantle o'er his neck of snow.
Ah, now he murmurs, now he speaks,
What most I wish, and fear to know.

He starts, he trembles, and he weeps,
He fair hands folded on his chest.
And now, how like a saint he sleeps,
A seraph in the realms of rest.

Sleep on secure, above controul,
Thy thoughts belong to Heaven and thee.
And may the secret of thy soul,
Remain within thy sanctuary.

Guilty Pleasure...

Jon Hess, a handsome and sexy British boy works as a fashion model under the FM Agency. He was once appeared in the commercial ad for fragrance Axe Touch, who managed to turn-on all the women (and men as well) at a distance without any physical touch (I just love the idea of that). Click HERE to watch Jon's sexy ad and prepare to be turned-on by his gorgeousness.

Diras Que Estoy Loco...

Miguel Angel Munoz is a sexy Spanish TV actor and singer, who reminds me the early age of Ricky Martin. I first saw his music video "Diras Que Estoy Loco" on TV when I was on holiday in Italy and I was staring at the TV without blinking my eyes until the end of the video. To see his hot video, click the CD icon on the right. Enjoy!

Last Chance To...

Madonna is nominated in 5 different categories for this year's MTV Videos Music Awards. Video Of The Year, Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video, and Best Choreography. Madonna fans, it's time to cast your vote and support the Queen of the dance floor!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

It's my pleasure to introduce Clay from According to the site, Clay is a little sex fiend and the first time he showed up for his photo shoot he was a little spent. Sean sent him home and told him to lay off for a couple of days. Then, on the day of the second shoot Clay was a no show. Later, it was discovered that Clay had been involved in a fight (defending a friend) and was a little beat up. Finally, after taking some time to mend his wounds, the stars aligned just right and Clay was able to do his first shoot. With his lean, muscular physique and incredible smile, Clay was one hot boy definitely worth the wait. If you are not convinced from what I just said, then check THIS out, and I garantee you will fall in love with him instantly (because I did).

What Is Pleasure...