Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Forward...

New Years come and New Years go,
Pieces of time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
I know I'm privileged to have YOU in it.
My appreciation never ends,
For my greatest blessings, your family and friends.


Looking Back...

To my surprise, I've achieved a lot more than I thought in the past twelve months and here is the recap.

Advance Australia Fair!
My ultimate achievement has to be my great adventure in the Land of Downunder. For the past 6 months, I've lived, worked, played, and travelled like an Aussie. Although in the beginning it was kinda tough to start my new life in a new environment, but as time went by, I grew to appreciate the rich, carefree culture, and the natural beauty of the country, especially the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles, and not to mention the stunning Aussie men!

Don't Call Me Virgin!
As most of you knows, my second achievement of 2007 is I'm no longer a virgin! Yay! Thanks to my 'online friend', I finally know what it feels like to sleep with a man for the first time. Although we only met up a few times and haven't know each other very long. It seems like he is as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet. To this, I thank him for his time and his honesty, and what he has shown and given me.

Happy Birthday To You (Not Me)!
Yes, on 18 August 2007, The Ministry of Pleasure celebrated its very first birthday with you all! But the fact of the matter is, as I keep repeating myself, YOU are my motivation and I'd be 'lost' if it wasn't for YOU!

Who Would Have Thought?
Definitely one of the best male live vocalists I've ever heard, Darren Hayes' The Time Machine Tour was the only concert I went to see in 2007 and I was well pleased with his amazing vocal talent. As his songs Who Would Have Thought suggested, "Who would have thought it could be amazing? Who would have thought the tiny courageous? Who would have thought that love so belated could save me, and bring me back to you?" Love you Darren!

Up And Up And Up!
Passing the half-million mark will represent not only a new threshold of visitors, but also a new challenge to pleasure you all! Therefore, I prepare myself to work 'harder' on you guys and give my best per- formance in 2008! So, watch this space before I 'cum' to you =P

Guilty Pleasure...

Thanks to those sexy Spanish, let me present you the last Guilty Pleasure of 2007. A calendar featuring twelve supercool and orgasmic police officers has been put on sale by San Sebastián de los Reyes town council to raise money for the Association of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Children (APADIS).

The images were taken by Venezuelan fashion and celebrity photographer, Rubén Dario. I just wish these gorgeous policemen will not be wasted to fight real crime as we all want the world to be filled with peace and happiness in 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

2 Days 2 Go...

I just wanna know...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do You Have A...

So how's everyone's Christmas? Did you have a merry or naughty Christmas? Mine was pretty average. Christmas in Hong Kong still had some traditional style (Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees etc.) thanks to its British colonial roots.

Regarding to The Ministry of Pleasure, I'm trying to update it as frequent as possible but I can't as I don't have the time (I think I am addicted to blogging). Anyway, ever since Blogger put up a warning sign before you could go into TMOP, I noticed the number of visits had decreased. I don't know if this extra 'click' of 'I understand and I wish to continue' is causing this decline or because the lack of update. Maybe I am thinking too much, I suppose I should just enjoy my holiday =)

P.S. By the way, thanks for all your lovely Christmas wishes!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Naughty Santa...

Christmas is a wonderful time where we all can be merry and gay. Of course there's the fun of family gathering as we watch some members of our family tip-toe around the subject our 'lifestyle choices', but what about you and that special someone? Here's how to bring some 'Ho Ho Ho' into the bedroom!

If you want to have the sweet-as-a-candy-cane approach, why not share a nice red wine with candles BUT wear nothing but a Santa hat and a smile.

If you are more naughty than nice, grab some bon-bons and put different positions or sexual favours inside them and have fun cracking them (careful you don't accidentally switch with the lunch ones as Nan might have a heart attack if she's told to do it doggie style).

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Steven

Or maybe it's time for a bit of dress up. The red suit is sexy to some, but otherwise try some reindeer antlers or perhaps wear white undies and some angel wings.

For something short and sweet, try the mistletoe game. Very simple. All you do is take the mistletoe to where your want to be kissed. Nothing is off limits. Or you can just use the new toy you conveniently gave them for a Christmas present. Don't forget the batteries!

So before Santa comes and leaves a load from his bulging sack, spread some Christmas joy of your own. It won't be just holiday cheer coming from your bedroom...

Sunday, December 23, 2007


All I Want For Christmas by Britney Spears

Hello Everyone! Just wanna let you know that I'm well. In fact, I'm now visiting a friend in Hong Kong who I haven't seen in a long time, then I'll meet up some more friends in Malaysia and Singapore in a couple of weeks. So this is gonna be a mini South East Asia Friends United Tour =P

At the moment, I still have no plan of returning to Australia (unless I find a new job). So watch this space =) Until then, what do you want for this Christmas?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As I Wish...

Leaving On A Jet Plane

G'day everyone! First of all, I have to apologise for the sudden notice (believe me, the decision is not made all out of a sudden) but I am afraid I am going on another trip and this one is gonna be a BIG one (as BIG as Pavel Novotny's cock) simply because my 6-month stay in Brisbane is over and I wanna get away for a bit.

Anyway, I will be away for at least a month or so, but don't you guys worry, whenever I can find an internet access, I will keep updating TMOP, especially on Christmas Day and New Year's Day! How can I possibly go to sleep without wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?

This is just another 'transition period' for me (like when I first moved from England to here) so don't you dare to give up on me and my blog! Until then, enjoy the sexy Jackson as the latest entry of my Guilty Pleasures! Cheerio!

Guilty Pleasure...

Sometimes when I see a guy on the net, I just know he's gonna be a perfect specimen for my collection of Guilty Pleasures, and Jackson at CollegeDudes247 is EXACTLY that type of guy I could never resist but to share his beauty with you all!

Ever since I first saw him at Randy Blue, I had fallen in love with his angel face, innocent smile, smooth body, and that mouth-watering cut cock. Take a good look at him! He's simply TOO HOT to handle, but I still wanna 'handle' every inch of him (even though it means my hands may get burnt).

Here, Jackson bends over to finger that hot ass-crack of his as the water ran down his chest and his hairless rippled stomach. Watching Jackson in the shower, stroking his big fat cock and playing with his ass until he oozes out a nice creamy load is too HOT for words! Seriously how many times do I need to repeat myself? Don't you dare to miss Jackson at CollegeDudes247!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gay Preference...

Tired of having your sexual orientation judged by how many Madonna albums you own (I have nine in total) or what kind of clothes you wear? If so, here is a test that will determine where you are on the sexual spectrum based on your sexual preferences and experiences. Remember, BE HONEST!

PR8 Scored -15
-52 = Completely Gay, 0 = Bisexual, 52 = Completely Straight

Comment: You are not 'exclusively' homosexual, but you prefer the same sex over the opposite sex. While you might be willing to fool around with the opposite sex to some extent, you would go all the way with the same sex. If you are sexually inexperienced, it is possible that this could change after you do some experimenting.

Or in other words, I LOVE guys and everything about them is a turn on and I need MORE experience! Video courtesy of It's Over Our Head.

The Twelve Apostles...

In Australia, The Twelve Apostles are a collection of natural limestone stacks standing just off shore in the Port Campbell National Park, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction (I've been there!). Originally the site was called the 'Sow and Piglets'. The name was changed in the 1950s to the more majestic 'The Twelve Apostles' to lure more visitors even though there were only nine left.

However, according to the Synoptic Gospels and Christian tradition, the Twelve Apostles were disciples (followers) whom Jesus had chosen, named, and trained in order to send them on a specific mission.

OK, I'm NOT trying to condemn/pervert Christianity here (it's just another way for me to express the male beauty with you all) but if I have the privilege to choose and 'train' my Twelve Apostles in the 21st Century, the 12 men above would be my preferences. And of course, there will still be millions of candidates out there who meet my criteria.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boobs Or Pecs...

Well well well, it's time for another round of 'Boobs Or Pecs' with your host, PR8! The rules are simple and straightforward, all you need to do is to tell me if this hottie has 'man boobs' or rock-hard pecs. Umm, I understand the answer to this question is kinda obvious, but I just wanna make sure I'm thinking of the same thing as you are. So, keep your comments flowing! Cheers.

Window Shopping...

I love my shopping, but unfortunate for me, the scenario above didn't happen to me in Melbourne. Can you imagine how great would that be if it did happen? I might go up to him and say, "Excuse me mate, but I've got an empty fitting room for you, would you like to follow me?"

Anyway, while I was browsing the shops in Melbourne, my eyes were caught by two attractive print ads. The first one was the Fabien Baron's photographs of Garrett Neff for Calvin Klein's latest cologne for men, simply called MAN. With his beautiful face, killer eyes, and hard body (to die for), Garrett is without a doubt the perfect MAN for this cam- paign. On top of that, I love this return to the '80s retro look.

So has any of you bought this new CK fragrance? Do you like it? Is it worth my money to invest in one?

OK, the second eye candy that I spotted on Melbourne's high street was the sexy model Clinton Huff. Featuring in the current Spring/ Summer 2007/8 campaign for Calibre, one of Australia's leading menswear fashion labels, Clinton has whatever it takes to make this summer hot, wet, and sexy!