Saturday, January 20, 2007

200 American...

Just finished watching 200 American and I enjoyed it (though there's a mixed feeling 'out there' about the movie). To me, it was a pleasant surprise for a NO BUDGET movie (I mean the actors didn't even get paid for it). The acting was reasonably good, in fact, I thought the actors did a really good job with what they had, it certainly did not seem low budget (except the lighting and the cheapish scenery) and it was much, much better than some low budget gay movies.

However, I had to admit the story was kinda weak, with parts that were both forced and cliché, but at least it had a story, and it flowed nicely. The movie itself also had a positive message (though it's not the only one) and that it did not focus on sex. This remained a nice relieve from the many gay movies with violence, sadness, pathetic behaviour and sexual fetishes. The men were cute as well and I very much enjoyed watching Sean Matic as Ian, the 'Australian' hustler with a heart of gold. The dialogue was intelligent and several scenes actually made me laugh (particularly the trapped-lift scene).

Whether 200 American is a 'must see' for gays liked The Latter Day, I don't know, but this movie surely hits my right spot to make me feel good and say awwww, and I'm glad I rented it!

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought of posting your top 10 or 25 recommended gay movies?