Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I met a guy at the member desk at the gym last year, totally buff, shaved head, sexy black eyes. We hit it off, I invited him over to my house and pretty soon we were both naked and getting it on. After that, though, whenever I'd see him at the gym he'd act distant, didn't return my calls etc. so I figured it was a one-time thing and moved on.

About a month ago I ran into him again. He'd gotten back into his training program after sloughing off and had arms like cannonballs and a chest the size of Superman's. That was when I decided to re-seduce him using some of the stuff I've been learning on the boards.

First thing I did was start throwing him a lot of subtle negs, like com- menting on how big he was getting but then asking if he was on steroids, or jerking him around because he didn't have a life outside the gym.

Most of the time I put a time constraint on things and disappeared quickly to convey disinterest, but on a few occasions I would talk and try to draw him out about things he enjoyed and had fun at. Then I'd reflect back to him in his words, how "exciting" and "relaxing" the beach was etc. I also looked for opportunities to touch him, often nagging at the same time as when I told him there was something on his lip and then tried to flick a freckle off.

After a few weeks of this I could tell he was getting interested in me again and when he asked me to remind him how to get to my house I knew something was going to happen. Sure enough, the other after- noon he just "happened" to be passing by and stopped in to see me.

I invited him to the backyard where we sat in the sun and "relaxed". I drew him out about his beach trip again, then tried out my palm reading routine, by which time his dick was starting to stir. His eyes caught mine, and I leaned in and kissed him. He was on me instantly, and I took his hand and ordered him back into my bedroom, where I insisted he keep his shorts on until I removed him. I found it incredibly erotic to have that big muscle guy nested in my pillows and I teased him and tongued him and dry humped him mercilessly until he begged me to fuck him, which I did. When he came he squirted so hard the cum zinged past his head!

We both certainly enjoyed ourselves so I'm going to work on keeping this guy engaged and coming around whenever he's horny. As good looking as he is, he's obviously also insecure and needs to have his desirability validated, which is why I think the negs work so effectively with him.

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