Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just Wanna Say...

I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support in the first month of 2007. It is always a great pleasure to see your comments, so please guys, keep them coming! Until then, just relax and enjoy the pleasure that I shall offer. Cheers!

I don't believe you know me, although you know my name.
I don't believe the faults I have are only mine to blame.
I don't believe in magic, is only in the mind.
I don't believe I'd love somebody just to pass the time.
But I believe in you.
And I believe in you.


N u n o said...

hey.. your blog rocks.. I love it.

Jemmytee said...

Got a bit of the "Clive Owens'" baby brother thing going here, haven't you? You look like you'd be fun to snog.

Pr8 said...

Lol, I wish I am him but to tell the truth, he is just a random model and personally, I think he is too cute to be me.

jemmytee said...

Just to clarify, I was referring to the photo you have of yourself at the top of your blog, in the tie and white shirt and the "I'm hot stuff" attitude. At least, I THINK it's your photo. But that's the one that has the "Clive" thing going.

Anonymous said...

luv U & the blog 2