Saturday, March 10, 2007

Live To Tell...

After watching the Confessions Tour DVD a second time, I couldn't help but share this moment of the concert with you.

'Live To Tell' is not a love song but is about contemplation and mus- tering the strength to face a difficult situation. Whether this 'crucifixion' scene is controversial or not, I will not pass judgment on it but I beli- eve the performance is likely an allegory for the AIDS pandemic in Africa. At the end of the day, the song was one of my favourites, the lyrics was meaningful, the vocal was powerful, the choreography was impressive, and the message behind the act was compelling yet to- uching. God Save the Queen!


jemmytee said...

Very. Very.

Anonymous said...

I guess together with the performance before this scene, Confession, for me the message is deeper. The crossing scene for me is not blasphemous because it is often used in the history of Pop-Art.
Ken Russel e.g., one of the director of surreal art cinema has used it several times in his movies and his work is part of the national treasure of the United States.

See u, Pit.