Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Out And Proud...

Whatever was standing in the way of the Australian Idol star going pu- blic after being accidentally outed by a DJ a few weeks ago seems to have vanished, as he officially came out of the closet.

"Yes, I am gay," Callea, 24, said yesterday. "I have no issue with my sexuality now, but it's taken time to become confident with who I am and happy with who I am. I'm looking forward to living a life with no barriers and not having to worry about saying the right thing."

And what about those earlier denials? The answer he gave in a letter to fans is even better than his answer to the newspaper.

"When I was first asked if I was gay, I remember being scared, shock- ed, and intruded upon. It was very confronting at the time and I wasn't mentally prepared for it. I lied, and for that, I'm sorry. I wasn't com- pletely comfortable within my own skin. I had worked extremely hard to get to where I was for many years and I wanted to be known as a singer and a performer rather than the 'gay contestant'. I was also concerned with the consequences this may have had on my family and those close to me. I now know this was all a mistake."

Well, what more should I say? He's out (that's all that matter, isn't it?) and I am so proud of him. Whatever the case, the guy can sing and I love his music and talent, I just hope he goes a long way!

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