Thursday, March 08, 2007


I woke early that morning. The sun was filtering through the curtains, illuminating everything in its path.

I turned over, and there you were. It was quite warm in the room and you must have thrown off the bed covers during the night. You were lying on your back. The sun played lightly across your body.

How to describe what I was seeing?

Perfect peace at first glance. Your chest rose and fell rhythmically with your steady breathing. A slight smile played across your full firm lips, which from time to time parted to show your white teeth. Such sensuous lips that had shown me all through the night, as we made love, just how erotic they can be.Those strong white teeth which has nuzzled and nibbled me in such strange but marvelous ways. A slight shiver passed over me, in anticipation of how you would be when you awoke.

My eyes passed down, passing over your muscular chest, your smooth skin, your brown nipples upon which I had lavished much attention during the night. They were still hard and erect, which made me wonder if you were not dreaming about our night of love.

I gazed on your firm stomach and yearned to run my fingers gently across it, but I knew that I should let you rest, if we were to renew our acts of love again.

And further down, your legs thrust apart, I spied your silky bush, your quiescent sex, your heavy balls in their perfect little sac. Then those strong legs which I had felt tighten around me during our lovemaking.

As if you were reading my thoughts during your sleep, you sighed and turned over, revealing to me your back. One mark on your otherwise perfect shoulders, where I had bitten you during one particular moment of passion. I hadn't realised and you'd said nothing. I know that my back had been raked by your fingernails at one stage, and I could still feel your love marks that sunny morning.

I gazed on your perfect golden skin, and passing down your back, made out those two globes, your rounded firm buttocks. I longed to have them fill my hands, as I had done during the night, but I had to be patient.

Again, I saw your legs.

And I relived our night of lust, passion, romance, love desire...

I couldn't remember how many times we had brought each other to orgasm, but each time that I felt that it was finished, your hands, mouth, and lips would coax me back to life, our bodies would intermingle, stroking, caressing, licking, sucking, nibbling, sometimes biting, penetrating, being penetrated, pleasuring, orgasming, coming back to earth, sleeping a little, and then the hands, the lips, the mouth would start again.

A movement by my side, and suddenly you are close beside me, eyes opening, smiling. My arms opening towards you, you come into my arms, my hands move across your back, across your smooth silky skin. Your mouth comes to mine, we kiss, I feel your manhood stirring against mine, your tongue flicks against mine, and I know that I imagined nothing. It all happened last night, and you want me again, and I desire you above all others. I love you, I need you.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet fantasy!!!