Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tell Me...

Just wondering, when you jerk off, where do you cum when:

(a) you are alone?
(b) you are with someone?

When I'm alone, I'll cum wherever it flies, which is usually onto my tummy or pubes (it rarely reaches my chest). If I'm feeling more tidy, I'll wank in the shower or bathtub so that I can wash off the 'mess' straight afterward. Sadly, I've never met anyone to wank with, but if I do, I think I would love to cum in his mouth or on his face.


CPB said...

you are the cutest thing ever

lvted said...

I will normally cum on my tummy as well, sometimes if i stay horny for quite a long time, it will 'shoot' to my chest or face. :) I used to do it in the shower... but I think Im bored with that at the moment. maybe because I want to see my cum :P

I haven't found my 'the other half of me' yet. If I do, would be mouth or stomach and chest as well.

tom-tom said...

It depends on the visual object I use to make me cum. I used to do it in front of my tv with some porn video. I could lie down comfortably and cum on my tummy (or just my dick, if I did it too often...).
Now I rather use pics or vids on my pc as stimulant. I sit or stand in front of the screen - and cum into my right hand (I'm lefthanded) or a tissue (and sometimes on my carpet...)

Nigel(Essex) said...

You can cum in my mouth anytime pr8!! Luv, Nigel.

lefredbi said...

when I'm in front of the screen of my pc, I cum on my tummy, or into my left hand or in a tissue.
Sometimes I do it in the shomer.
None to wank with, but if I have someone, I would cum on his chest.
(PS : sorry if my english is not good)

jemmytee said...

A wank's most beautiful when someone else does it for you. Slowly. Tenderly. With whispered caresses. Arms to your sides, open and accepting. Hairs barely touched by one set of fingertips gently gliding up and back, again and again, as the other set draws softly over legs and then abs and then nipples and then lips. If done right, it's a form of worship...and when completed, is close to heaven. Isn't it the French who call this "the little death"? How right they can be.

You will find this, muffin. I can tell.

Danny said...

to have lover to wank with is a really exciting pleasure that you should experience one day for your own.
I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there you would really love to share this pleasure with you - including me ;o).
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

this comment might be too late but i agree with ledfredbi. if i were to do it with someone, i'd like to shoot all over his sinewy muscular chest.