Friday, May 18, 2007

Big Brother Goes Gay...

Big Brother 8 Logo - Rainbow coloured eye for racial harmony or signs of gay rights?

This year's BB is set to be a gayfest! Bosses plan to carry on camping right through the summer by lining up more gays than ever in the BB house. They have examined previous year's shows and found gay and lesbian housemates provided the best footage and most talked-about moments. So the final line-up, set to be unveiled when the series begins next month, will include more gays than ever before. At least half of the 14 housemates have revealed they are homosexual or have bisexual tendencies.

A show insider said: "We desperately want BB 8 to be remembered for camp fun and frolics rather than fights and fistcuffs. "We want to get away from the Celebrity BB race row with Jade and Shilpa and we want to avoid another Fight Night where even the police had to be called. Some of our best contestants in previous years have been gay. We've even had lesbian kisses, queer romances and bitchy handbags-at-dawn showdowns. We have come to realise that gay people are less inhi- bited. They love a good bitch and they know how to poke fun and have a laugh. It's of course to be our best show yet and will hopefully be remembered as a long hot summer of brotherly gay love."


Santus said...

nice eye, same to your eyes. heehe

Brutos-Eros said...

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Hooperfan said...

They really need to end BB before it gets any worse (and this souns the worst yet as you can be sure they'll get the biggest gay stereotypes they can find). The first three series were good but it went downhill after that.