Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don't You Just Love...

"Would you like something to suck on for landing, Sir?"

Why am I not surprised? Last night, Britain's Eurovision flag was flying at half mast after Scooch scored a dismal 19 points in the competition. With a tacky dance routine dressed as airline cabin crew (what the hell), the UK's entrant finished well down the field in 23rd place with their rendition of Flying the Flag (For You). Our shameful four-piece outfit were trashed by Serbia's entrant Marija Šerifovic who impre- ssed with the ballad Molitva.

After the usual round of tactical block voting, only two countries stood between Scooch finishing with the humiliation of scoring NIL points. They were Ireland, who awarded 7 points, and Malta, who surprisingly gave us the maximum 12 points?! Anyway, enough of the Scooch crap (those two guys in it aren't even cute), let's talk about two proper eye candies of the night.

The first candy is the charming host Mikko Leppilampi (and what a cute name), I just couldn't keep my eyes off him throughout the entire show! Apparently, this 28-year-old Finn is an actor/singer who trained at the Theatre Academy of Finland and you can get to know Mikko a bit more on his website HERE.

The second candy is the 26-year-old pop singer Sarbel Michael who represented Greece in last night's Eurovision with his dance/pop song Yassou Maria (Hello Maria).

London-born Sarbel is half Greek and half Arabic (what a HOT mix). He studied Performing Arts, Music, and Drama in London Musical Theatre and released his first hit single in 2004. I guess the reason I am attrac- ted to Sarbel is because he reminds me a hint of the early days of the Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin. You can find out more about Serbel by visiting his website HERE.


jemmytee said...

I actually enjoyed Scooch; theirs was such a goofy, silly little song. I'd have given them another point just for that.

Sarbel was all right, but I don't think he has the cat-like animal-magnestism of Ricky M.

Still, being an American I'd never even heard of the Eurovision competition till I saw it on Oh La La Paris. Where else can you have a fat silver-draped drag queen bouncing around to a poppy four-word-lyric song with a couple of hunks in bad clothes go-go dancing in the background while lots of people scream ecstatically in the audience? It's so wonderfully tacky, I love it!

Nigel (Essex) said...

Yes PR8, Scooch were pretty crap - but certainly not the second worst crap in the competition! The voting is just so silly now, thank goodness for the sublime Terry Wogan he (and the lovely Mikko Leppilampi on this occassion) made the whole thing a hoot as usual!(Although I could happily have strangled that stupid tart in the pink frock!!).

Michael said...

I would spare my comments on the UK entry, to be honest I was surprised it got points at all but frankly it was truely appalling.

Hailing from Bulgaria, I was pleasantly surprised with our entry (though I am definitely not quite a fan of folk motives). I wouldn't probably be wrong if I say it is the best entry we've ever had and if it weren't for several 'political' votes, 'Water' would have definitely ended up in the Top3.

And now, gentlemen, on the Greek entry - he is just fabulous !!! And the song is so amazingly catchy, I just can't get it out of my head since the contest. That is absolutely my winner, I even voted for him, which is not something you would see me usually doing ... Definitely impressed! Can I have him, please :p

grhomeboy said...

Actually, Sarbel is half Greek Cypriot half Lebanese. :)

I was expecting Cyprus' entry to be into the finals, but bad luck. Sarbel did fine at the 7th position.

All the best from Athens, Greece!

GRCYR1 said...

Greek Cypriots are Greek too you know. Just because Cyprus wasn't able to join with the rest of Greece doesn't make us any less Greek! We are just as Greek as the Greeks from Crete, or Rhodes, or the Aegean or from mainland Greece.

And yes, Sarbel was great!