Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Excepts From A Dream...

Hold Me by Savage Garden

I awoke to find myself in a very large bed. There were three other guys in the bed all to one side of me. Apparently, we were attending a conference or something like that and the four of us were staying in a hotel room. For some reason in this dream, beds were large enough to accommodate four of us comfortably.

I was on the far left side lying on my stomach. Josh was to my immediate right. I was very conscious of the weight of his half-naked body pressing down on the bed beside me. And was very conscious of the hormonal stirrings as a result of this.

Josh, for your information is a close coworker of mine as well as a young god of sexuality (at least to me). Messy, short-cropped, dirty brown hair. Sparkling, dark eyes. Full, sensuous lips. A chiseled, hair covered torso, so muscular yet so lean and fragile is the one I could ever lust over. The one to whom my hormones act as a radio receptor to every crackle in his voice. This is the one who was laying beside me in the same bed in the middle of the night.

And he stirred in his sleep. He moved himself onto his side, and his strong, hairy arm fell on my shoulder and then slid down my back and stopped. He was still asleep.

I should have done nothing more than enjoy the sheer physical plea- sure of his flesh on mine, but instead I moved my arm around his neck, and my hand dragged across his stubbled face and over those thick, beautiful lips. And I stopped. In fear. In excitement. In desire.

After a tentative pause, he was no longer asleep and his eyes met mine with a grin on his face. Silence. And then somehow our legs were tangled together. Once again, his flesh touching mine. I rolled over on my back and then he slid up, slowly, quietly, to meet me.

Our eyes remained locked as his face rose over mine and then stopped, looming there, waiting. He was unsure. That's what it was. It was all in the eyes. But to feel the vulnerability, the uncertainty of someone whose entire beautiful weight is above you is somehow unspeakable.

The eyes were one thing, the lips were another, and I killed any fear mercilessly as I pulled at those lips with my own. A religious exp- erience not to be equaled. It was not so much in the wanting, the desiring for so long, not even so much in the intense passion, att- raction, but the slow and cautious movements, the complete silence that we had to keep in everything we did. But that night was still young and the was only the beginning of my dream.

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jemmytee said...

An elegant kiss can be so much more erotic than mere sex...though there's nothing WRONG with mere sex...it's just, I don't care what the song says, "A kiss is (NOT) just a kiss." Not when it's such as this.

And keep in mind -- if you dream it, you can do it.