Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

In the beginning there was sex. Then humanity became literate, and there were love letters. The march of technology gave birth to phone sex, and now, thanks to the omnipresent microprocessor, there's cybersex, the online way to get virtually laid. I do it and I presume most of you do it as well.

Having said that, I've never done c2c with a guy who I need to spend a single penny, but if I do, I've already had a rough idea on who I'm gonna spend my money on =)

Meet Sebastian from GuysWithCams, a straight 19-year-old gymnast, martial artist, free runner, 5'9" and 73 kg of muscle topped off with the cutest little babyface. He's so damned adorable, it's hard to imagine him practicing judo or karate with me on a sweaty 'cyber' mat!

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