Friday, May 25, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

Lean, tight, and 22, Aussie export Rick Chester is enough to make you wanna hop like a kangaroo to the distant shores of Australia (maybe that's the reason why I'm going there).

From the photos featured in the May issue of Freshmen magazine, it seems this sex god from Down Under loves posing for the camera, but he just can't stand wearing his tight little blue GAP briefs once his big uncut dick gets hard. So he pulls them off and let us fully enjoy his defined, lean physique, ripped six-pack abs, smooth round butt, and solid-stiff dick. Sweet! More photos of sexy Rick can be found HERE.

Beside his photo shoot, you can also see him in action in his latest gay porn movie, titled The Boys From Oz. In this movie, Rick is an in- satiable top who loves to pop his big fella up the freckled hole of other hop spunks. In one of the scenes, Rick has come to deliver a package, and when the guy at the door greets him with "nice package", what's a poor delivery man to do but follow him inside and fuck his brains out?

Seriously, who wouldn't wanna give this gorgeous hunk a roll in the hay after taking a look at that big, uncut, veiny donger of his, with its luscious, plum-like head?


Greg said...

OH MAN!! You got that right!
That guy is a total hunk.
Used to watch him back when he was on a cam network. He was the hottest guy there!

Anonymous said...

oh man! he is dickin hot! i want him to fuck MY brains out, oh ya

Anonymous said...

To think his day job is being an accountant.