Monday, May 14, 2007

Letting Go...

Talking about the early years of Ricky Martin, here's my most favourite old songs of his called Private Emotion. It's so beautiful, so emotional.

I've heard the song more than a dozen times but this is the very first time that I see the music video, and although I don't really understand the video, I just love the creativity of it (and Ricky is wet and cute). Duetting with Meja, it's sort of telling a story backward about a couple from being frozen to when or how the fire is put out and started.

It's a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me

After listening to the song carefully, it hits so close to me that we all have private emotions of one kind or another and it's the only thing we have to hold to in order to keep us safe. We have our private emotion to embrace because that's usually all we have left when everything and/or everyone has left us or betrayed us. However, when another right person come across our life, should we still indulge ourselves with our private emotion? Or maybe it's time to let it go...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Didn't he make a video with Madonna?

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and bittersweet song....Ricky at his finest and prettiest hour :-)

Anonymous said...

I also really love that song... and Rick Martin is Duetting with Turkish Female Vocal "Setab Erener" in that clip... (Meja???)