Friday, May 04, 2007

Nothing To Hide...

Following the enormous success of Le Mâle, Jean Paul Gaultier gets ready to seduce us with the launch of his latest fragrance for men, Fleur du Mâle (Flower of the Male).

The perfume is based on a deceptively innocent white flower: the orange blossom, conventionally used in in women's fragrances. In Fleur du Mâle it evokes a bold freshness accentuated by the petitgrain leaf, which, over time, develops a voluptuous masculine sensibility reinforced by coumarin. It is a fresh and sensual fragrance for a modern man that smiles at life.

By the way, the incredibly sexy male model with nothing to hide in the milk bath above is the gorgeous Spanish model Andres Velencoso Segura, and what a great smile he has! So, can anyone who recently bought Fleur du Mâle give me some insight about the perfume? 'Cos I'm thinking about buying it.

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manoiian75 said...

i bought it when i got a whiff of it at the duty free... the best yet for JPG! get it, it really is fabulous!