Saturday, May 05, 2007


I went to see Spider-Man 3 in cinema just now and I have to say altho- ugh the movie was two and a half hours long, I don't have any regrets because it's nearly impossible to screw up a Spider-Man movie when you have such good movies that preceded the second sequel. But un- fortunately Spider-Man can't always be fresh and perhaps they should think twice before they make a third sequel, which is exactly what they are trying to do. Personally I think that a third sequel would ruin ever- ything because in Spider-Man 3 all the lose ends are finally tied throug- hout the movie and a Spider-Man trilogy is really all we need, right?

To me, Spider-Man 3 was more of the same, but unless you thought the previous movies were absolutely shit (which I don't) then you'll like this sequel just as much as the previous one and the original. At the end of the day, it's still a great movie and well worth the watch!

Oh, one more thing. Tobey Maguire is kinda cute but he CAN'T CRY! He just can't! Whenever he cries he looks like he has to take a shit! There will be lots of laughter at your local cinema guaranteed while the dir- ector didn't plan this at all =P


Hooperfan said...

Well this was the worst film of the series. It was too long and sagged in the middle. If they'd cut quite a bit out of it it would've been a better paced movie. It was very cheesy (especially Peter strutting down the street) and there was too much crying at the end.

I was glad they didn't end it with a set-up for another movie as it's really not needed.

James Franco's hot though (loved the scene of him coming out of the chamber in just his boxers) and more or less acted Maguire and Dunst off the screen.

manoiian75 said...

i saw it and i was kinda disappointed with the whole two and half hour drama/corniness. yeah, toby is cute but he doesn't konw how to cry at all! but that james dean look alike, franco is such a hottie! too bad he died in the movie. well, so much for the trilogy. hope they stick to it.

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jared said...

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But Spider-Man 3 sucked...and not in the good way. Flawed, over-stuffed, horrible movie.