Thursday, May 03, 2007

What Say You...

I've never ever shaved or trimmed my hair downunder 'cos I think it's kinda masculine and sexy to keep my pubes, but after reading this interesting article, I may consider to buy a shaver from the super- market and tidy it up a bit. Do you shave bald or trim your pubes, or do you let the bush grow?

Here are SEVEN reasons why men should consider shaving their pubes. No, I'm not talking about the Army, although a 'soldier' at attention, with a shiny helmet and a loaded weapon, is definitely involved =P

Most men worry obsessively about the hair on their heads but rarely give a second thought to their pubic hair. Only when the time is right with that special one do men realize they should have spent some time grooming their privates. Guys, here are SEVEN compelling reasons why you should groom your pubic hair or even remove it completely... ouch!

Cleanliness - The crotch is a focal point for heat, sweat, and bacteria. Cropping or removing your pubic hair makes that area much easier to keep clean, and more importantly, smelling clean and manly. He/She is more likely to explore that area up close if it is well maintained.

Novelty - The contrast between your obviously adult-sized package and your new hairlessness can be quite erotic, and not just to you! Your lover may gush over the idea of making love to what now has the illusion of being forbidden fruit. Yum!

It's More Inviting - If you remove most or all of his/her objections to performing blowjob on you, isn't it worth the trouble? Pay special attention to removing stray hairs from your shaft. Hair in the mouth sucks, but he/she won't if he/she finds one.

Don't Forget The Sack - A silky smooth ball sack invites both manual and oral caresses. He/She is far more likely to play down there if he/she doesn't have to use a weed-whacker to find it.

It's Healthier - He/She will see immediately that you have no skin outbreaks or unwanted 'critters' to hide. Furthermore, you will have greater manual sensitivity when you perform your periodic testicular self-exam. You do examine yourself regularly, don't you? 'Cos I do!

It's Fun - That's right, let your partner shave you! This is not only an exercise in trust, but a highly-suspenseful erotic thrill ride. The danger of an ultra sharp razor in such a sensitive area, the tension of long slow razor strokes, the aching of your pulse-pounding erection, and the foamy friction of his/her shaving-creamed hand on your shaft can intensify your pleasure like you never thought possible. Just don't make any sudden moves.

And most importantly (to some at least):

It Makes Your Hard-On Look HUGE - I'm not kidding, you will swear that you gained at least an extra inch in length! If your crotch is not groomed regularly, you probably have pubes at least part way up your shaft. Your dick 'appears' to begin where that hair ends. Remove the underbrush and your hidden length will be revealed.

When you're grooming the hair on your 'big head', don't forget about the hair on the 'little head' too! Whether you do it to please yourself or a partner (or both), regular pubic hair grooming or even total pubic hair removal can spice up your love life. If you like it enough, consider permanent removal methods such as laser hair removal or electrolysis.
And if the guys in the gym locker room make fun of you, first ask them why they are checking out your package. In the embarrassed silence that follows, tell them why you did it, that you're having twice as much sex as they are, and what he/she's doing now that he/she wouldn't do before! Then get ready to do some serious shaving!


Jeremiah said...

Hello ...

I guess I am brave to answer your question first. I am moderately hairy, it is a family trait. I have one of those shave combo sets and I do trim my chest and arm/pit hair, because it can get quite bushy.

The older one gets the more hair begins to sprout in areas that scream "Please Let me Groom You!"

I do keep the family jewels finely trimmed and so forth. Remember that also, if you shaved your body bare, (I've done that too) what a nightmare.

Body hair regulates the body's temperature. Because it protects sweat glands and holds moisture near the body. Without sweat regulation the body temp goes awry!

I hate to get hair in my mouth, you know, nothing like flossing while you have sex, right! My hubby likes the au naturale look, I like the clean and free feeling no hair on the coconut tree... tee hee


about a boy said...

awesome post. i actually shave for reason #1 and somewhat #3.

chad white is a god.

Aryn said...

hmmmm... this is the age old question ain't it. I personally would like to shave... but don't, because there's hair everywhere else. I just think I'll look stupid if I don't shave more than just my privates. :( Sometimes I hate the hairy truths of genetics....

jemmytee said...

I find shaving a complete turn off. Don't even like to see it in photos or porn. It's like the guy's trying to look like he's pre-pubescent instead of an adult male, and it kills any attraction I'd have for him.

Hair is natural and necessary, and while too much can be unsightly, none at all is just plain weird, to me. But then, I'm fair skinned, red-headed and have little more than down on my arms and legs, and I've always dug guys who have hairy chests -- like Hugh Jackman (especially as Wolverine). Hoooowwwlllll! I can't even IMAGINE him shaved.

Anonymous said...

i love man hair. untidy is erotic.

Anonymous said...

I hate man hair, untidy is a turn-off!

Travis said...

well I believe in man grooming but not totally shaved. I also like when a guy trims down there as well, I hate getting hair in my mouth. I use hair clippers.

Nick said...

only nine year old girls and guys who have watched too much of the old WB network think male secondary sex characteristics are gross, and not one of the "reasons" listed has a leg to stand on in the real world. The human eye is drawn to contrast, like dark hair next to pale flesh, thus enhancing the appearance of genitalia,and the nose is drawn to notice scent, i.e. male musk, which is trapped "down there". Regarding "reason" 6, there is nothing "fun" about nicks and cuts which could provide a venue for pathogens to enter the bloodstream, nothing fun about razor bumps, and nothing fun about re-growing stubble which makes a penis look as if it's surrounded in ugly chocolate ice cream sprinkles.
And anyone who believes that shaving makes a dick look ANY bigger should have to spend an entire night staring at a small-dicked man's completely bare crotch before deciding just how much enhancement it actually provides. All of this doesn't begin to address the retarded "forbidden fruit" issue raised by "reason" 2. Freshly shaved crotch looks like plucked chicken skin. If that's someone's idea of forbidden fruit, well, that's a topic for a different sort of blog.

Greg said...

Nice opinion there, Nick (lol)

Personally I love it when a guy has a trimmed or shaved pubes. Its so much more erotic to me than a bunch of man hairs all over the place. And, like some of the others here, I feel it makes the cock look so much better.

As for the nicks and cuts, lord have mercy! Using common sense like using a good and sharp razor and a healthy supply of aloe-enriched shaving cream does the trick. And of course gentle strokes. I've also noticed lathering up the pubes and testes with soap does the job nicely too.

Its amazing that some guys get all upset about the shaving or trimming thing. If you don't like looking at shaved or trimmed hotties, then go somewhere else for the guys who look like gorillas.

Aquamansion said...

Shaving, trimming, "Manscaping", what ever you care to call it, is a foul practice. It is not healthier, it is not more attractive, it is not is not natural. Also, If a man doesn't have the common sense to wash his hairy crotch, he certainly won't take the time to shave it. I'd rather pull pubes out of my mouth then nuzzle up to a shorn, scratchy, stubbly groin. Ditto chests, asses, legs.

tombomb said...

The worst practice by far (and I'm not a fan of shaving...a slight trim wouldn't bother me, but the Barbie doll crotch freaks me out!) are those guys who shave their pubes into small tufts or shapes. I've seen lightning bolts, hearts, teardrops or just small landing strips. Do us a favour and leave that to female porn are men!!!

beauhomme87 said...

yea!!! definitely. i think everyone should shaved or trimmed their pubic hair. all the seven reasons are important as ways to take care of our sex organ. i do swim frequently so i need to trim them so it look nice and neat. u dunt want anything popping out from the swimming trunk. is very ugly. trust me.

love, anyee