Saturday, June 30, 2007

If So...

Guess what? Eleven months after I started blogging The Ministry of Pleasure, I had finally met up with a long-term supporter at Brisbane yesterday night!

So, what had I learnt from this meetup experience? Well, I was thrilled and overwhelmed simply because I had never ever thought some of you had been visiting my blog since the beginning, and at the same time, I was glad that somehow my blog had touched so many of your heart (as well as your dick) at some point. I just felt like I did something good... something worthwhile (I hope).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What The...

So, can you use your imagination and try to give these photos some explanations? Also, last but not least, here is a clip from the funny Aussie TV show The Chaser's War on Everything, which asks the question, "Can Tinky Winky get into a gay pub?" Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beautiful Disaster...

If honesty is the mark of a great artist, Jon McLaughlin is without question on the right track. Indiana, his major label debut album is as honest as it gets. Through its emotional ups and downs, and its sweeping, hooky and earnest piano-pop, Indiana finds the 24-year-old, Indiana based singer working through romantic tests, and even finds him candidly discussing the status of his young career.

Beautiful Disaster
, what a beautiful song and I absolutely adore the lyrics. This song is basically about a girl who wanted to be loved, however, no matter what she did, no one stayed around her for long. She thought maybe she's just not beautiful enough, and if only she's prettier, people would accept her. Out of desperation, she even gave the boys what they wanted in return for real love, but that never happened.

She didn't want to accept the fact that her life was a disaster, but in trying to become beautiful, she became a disaster. What she doesn't understand, is that she's perfect just the way she is and being herself is okay. Perfect only in her imperfection.

Doesn't the song remind us how physical looks can be so influential to our societies individuals? And sometimes we are willing to change or do everything in exchange for happy ever after, but without realizing we have lost our direction.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hey You...

These are the front and back covers of the June issue of Queensland Pride. Both guys are damn cute and the magazine is so informative and interesting. I also love the QAHC slogan on prejudice, 'Diversity comes in many colours. Do you celebrate or discriminate?'

Hey you, don't you give up.
It's not so bad. There's still the chance for us.
Hey you, just be yourself.
Don't be so shy. There's reasons why it's hard.

Hey you, open your heart.
It’s not so strange. You’ve got to change this time.

Hey you, remember this.
None of it’s real, including the way you feel.

Wow, I don't realize Madonna's Hey You music video is up and running across the Globe. The video, which doesn't contain any footage of Madonna, uses images to illustrate climate change and how we can help halt the destruction. A simple song, but with a powerful message.

Too bad I am in Oz right now, if not, I will definitely go to the Live Earth Concert in London. So, anyone going to the Live Earth Concert in Sydney on July 7? I'm still deciding if I should go or not.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

Just finished watching Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds and what a brilli- ant sequel to the first movie. It's simply funny yet sexy, I'm lovin' it!

Well, before I watched EO2, I had always assumed that Marco Dapper was the only eye-catcher of the whole movie, to my surprise, Brett Chukerman, who starred as Kyle's ex-boyfriend Mark, if you ask me, is somehow way hotter than Marco.

I'm sure you're already wondering, yes, Brett was kind enough to give us all a very good look at everything in EO2. But I just couldn't believe he had grown up so much since the last time I saw him in one of the episodes of Undressed, and a cute short film called Crush, which was part of Boys To Men, where a teenage girl had a crush on our teenage Brett, who had a crush on... another guy.

Like I said, I think Brett is way cuter than Marco. There's something just so cute and innocent seeming about him. Like he doesn't know how hot he is, whereas Marco seems to know just how smoking he is.

Truly Madly Deeply...

Wow! What more can I say? Thanks a million guys! It's funny though, it seems I tend to get more responses whenever I get emotional and personal with my posts, and to that I thank you once again.

After reading all your precious comments, I suddenly realize that I am not the only one who struggles with loneliness, and all your advice and suggestions have been outstanding and helpful. Now, I 'think' I know what I should do, it is just the matter of willingness to make my first move.

Seriously, I am feeling much better this week, and it's all because of your wonderful love! Cheers =)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

How Can I Be...

I tried to live alone, but lonely is so lonely, alone.
So human as I am, I had to give up my defences.
So I smiled and tried to mean it, to let myself let go.
Lyrics from Any Other World by Mika

Things are always easy to be said than done...

Yesterday I went to the Brisbane Pride Festival, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought and you might wonder why. Trust me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Festival, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere of Pride, happiness and union were filled in the air, and of course, there were plenty of hot guys to pleasure my eyes, but I was the one to blame for pushing myself away from the whole experience that the gay and lesbian community kindly offered and I wasn’t proud of it.

It might sound pathetic, but throughout the whole afternoon at the Festival, I didn't feel like I was fitting in at all especially when you saw guys were chatting, dancing, hugging, kissing, or laughing with each other. I just felt a bit insecure and out of place. In fact, I was feeling lonely. I didn't talk to anyone or take part in any activities (though I really wanted to do a painting based on the subject of prejudice at one of the tents). Instead, I just walked round and round the fairground like a lost soul and left the place few hours later while the party carried on.

I've never thought of being a loner is a big issue, but when I see all the people are having fun at the Festival, it really hits (hurts) me that I am actually all by myself, and realize I don't actually have a close group of gay friends to share my true feeling with, which I think this is something that I missing in my life. Of course, I know there are many solutions to this 'issue' but whenever I wanna do it, I feel very fearful to make the first move. I hate this fear. I just hate it yet don’t know how to defeat it.

The theme of this year’s Brisbane Pride Festival is prejudice. Honestly, I will never prejudice other people, but am I prejudicing myself here? I guess I am as there’s a part of me still not accepting myself of being gay. Or should I call this 'self-rejection'?

Well, I don't normally share my unhappiness openly and I hope I am not upsetting you too much. Let's just say Pr8 is not as 'perfect' as you think, there are still lots of secrets and doubts about this troubled kid =P

Thursday, June 14, 2007


G’day, this is Pr8! Crikey, it has been a long time since my last update! So, are you still missing me?

Just wanna let you know I am doing fine in Oz and so far the Aussies are treating me well. I’ve started a new job, moved into a new flat, met new people (yet to know some new friends), and begun to live like an Aussie =P

Anyway, I have to apologize for the delayed update simply because I still haven’t got an internet connection in my flat! And believe it or not, I’m actually doing this update in an internet café, where everyone around me is busy checking their emails, therefore, I don’t think it’s a good idea to post photos of naked men right now (as I may get into trouble). Having said that, once my internet connection is up and running, I can guarantee that I will get you back on your full erection right away. So, brace yourself for a new era of The Ministry ‘Oz’ Pleasure!

Oh, last but not least, I think I’ve just arrived Brisbane at the most perfect time as Brisbane’s annual Pride Rally, March & Fair Day will kick off this SATURDAY! I’ve never attend a Pride event in my life and I just can’t wait to be part of this!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blame It On The Colour...

Thanks to One Stop Cool and Kenneth In The (212), I discovered this online advert. In a smart campaign move, Clairol uses a certain hair colour to resemble a certain attitude and show how those certain attitudes play off.

By putting a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde in an elevator with this hunky delivery guy, Clairol blames the girls' hair color for their be- havior around him. Seriously, I'd rather blame it on his sexy smile and hot body. So, guess which hair color will get this hot special delivery guy’s shirt off? Click on the photo above for the answer!