Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blame It On The Colour...

Thanks to One Stop Cool and Kenneth In The (212), I discovered this online advert. In a smart campaign move, Clairol uses a certain hair colour to resemble a certain attitude and show how those certain attitudes play off.

By putting a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde in an elevator with this hunky delivery guy, Clairol blames the girls' hair color for their be- havior around him. Seriously, I'd rather blame it on his sexy smile and hot body. So, guess which hair color will get this hot special delivery guy’s shirt off? Click on the photo above for the answer!


Jack said...

Hi PR8,

I keep checking your blog everyday to see you arrive at Brissy safely. Now I am relieved that you are here and back to your blog. I hope you settle in your new place. My email:, please send me a message there saying you are alright.


Suffocating Closet said...

Finally you are back! I miss your update very much... everytime just keep checking your blog. How's it going?

eMack said...

Welcome to Australia young man. Have fun and make sure you book a trip to melbourne.


PS Watch out for the kanagroos jumping down main street.

; )