Friday, June 22, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

Just finished watching Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds and what a brilli- ant sequel to the first movie. It's simply funny yet sexy, I'm lovin' it!

Well, before I watched EO2, I had always assumed that Marco Dapper was the only eye-catcher of the whole movie, to my surprise, Brett Chukerman, who starred as Kyle's ex-boyfriend Mark, if you ask me, is somehow way hotter than Marco.

I'm sure you're already wondering, yes, Brett was kind enough to give us all a very good look at everything in EO2. But I just couldn't believe he had grown up so much since the last time I saw him in one of the episodes of Undressed, and a cute short film called Crush, which was part of Boys To Men, where a teenage girl had a crush on our teenage Brett, who had a crush on... another guy.

Like I said, I think Brett is way cuter than Marco. There's something just so cute and innocent seeming about him. Like he doesn't know how hot he is, whereas Marco seems to know just how smoking he is.


Hooperfan said...

Sorry to disagree but I don't find Brett that hot whereas Marco is stunning. I've ordered the movie and hope to get it on Monday when it's released.

PR8 said...

Of course, there's no denial that Marco is stunning but you may change your mind and give Brett some credits after you watch the movie. That big cheering smile of his is simply a killer =)

beauty and the bum said...

I agree, Brett is a one hottie.
Hope you get settle well in Brisbane... come visit us in Sydney sometime!

Hooperfan said...

Now that I've finally watched the movie I have to say Brett didn't really do it for me. Marco was gorgeous and I also quite like Scott Vickaryous.

Kenneth Johnson, or Sebastien Penn said...

well, i agree with you, pr8. actually, the movie gave me better opinions of both Marco and Brett.

in the promo pictures, Marco looked way too cocky and full of himself, such a big turnoff for me. but in the movie, he had the southern accent and was quite adorably charming, so i was impressed by his performance (and the fact that he's hot hot hot!)

in the promo pics, Brett looked kinda drap too me, no sex appeal at all. but in the movie, he is stunning and charismatic, a great replacement to Ryan Carnes. he's cute and confident enough to be a stud, and yet sensitive enough to make you believe he would go out with geeky Kyle. (in the first movie, i never believed for one second that Ryan Carnes would fall for someone like Jim Verraros)

in the end, based on performance and boyfriend material, i would have to choose the underappreciated Brett