Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hey You...

These are the front and back covers of the June issue of Queensland Pride. Both guys are damn cute and the magazine is so informative and interesting. I also love the QAHC slogan on prejudice, 'Diversity comes in many colours. Do you celebrate or discriminate?'

Hey you, don't you give up.
It's not so bad. There's still the chance for us.
Hey you, just be yourself.
Don't be so shy. There's reasons why it's hard.

Hey you, open your heart.
It’s not so strange. You’ve got to change this time.

Hey you, remember this.
None of it’s real, including the way you feel.

Wow, I don't realize Madonna's Hey You music video is up and running across the Globe. The video, which doesn't contain any footage of Madonna, uses images to illustrate climate change and how we can help halt the destruction. A simple song, but with a powerful message.

Too bad I am in Oz right now, if not, I will definitely go to the Live Earth Concert in London. So, anyone going to the Live Earth Concert in Sydney on July 7? I'm still deciding if I should go or not.

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Jack said...

You did a good job, PR8. I love the song very much. I understand that this song are sung to clearly call for the earth saving, but there is something for gay community. "Hey you, just be yourself. Don't be so shy. There's reasons why it's hard." The message seems to mean " Hey you, come out to be yourself, you would be happy with who you are. Dont hesitate to do, absolutely something so hard, but be yourself". Hehe, i am not out sense. Thoughts of out-coming have accompanied me for years. I havenot done that. The song will remind me what I should do for a preparation. Hehe,

Global warming and climate changing. That is fair enough to become that way. That is so-called evolution theory of the earth, eg. we no-longer have seen a giraffe with short neck. All has gone due to global warming thousands of thousands years ago. I am thinking how the human beings will change their apperance to adapt the climate change. Possible that human beings have hairy body and wings to fly to the other planet and continue their destruction missions.

Earthcare hasnot been properly praticed for century. It is not fair to those cuty guys from poor countries having hairs and wings. They just do a little bit of CO2 emission, but they have the same punishment. Poor babes, I want to save you all, but we are in the same boat. Come here, babe, enjoy the rest, otherwise, it is too late.