Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Time To Vogue...

To some people, this may sound a bit sad but I do enjoy watching Big Brother every summer and this year is no exception, except that I watch the Aussies BB instead of the Brit one. To my surprise, the men in the house are way HOTTER than those in the UK, although I find the British housemates are generally stranger, weirder, and slightly more fun to watch (as they argue with each other all the time) than the Aussie. But who care? It's all the buffed up eye candies that counts!

Out of all the hot guys in the house, I have a BIG crush on the 27- year-old sexy flirter, Thomas Haynes. With a height of 6'6", a muscle- bound body, a sweet looking face, and a big charming smile, Thomas is quite a 'discovery' of this BB series. He's a real estate agent, a former basketball player and was evicted from the House in day 64 together with Andrew, the hunky fireman.

So, you still want more? Well, DNA is now asking YOU to decide if they should photograph Thomas in a sexy swimwear shoot for their up- coming magazine. If you think Thomas has what it takes to become the next DNA coverboy, then you should cast your VOTE now!

P.S. Who do I wanna win BB? ZACH all the way to the winner's podium!

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Anonymous said...

yay finally someone else who watches it heh. this year definitly has been the best they've had in a long time, the last few years have been pretty average imo.

as far as who's going to win it's hard to say, zach appears to be the clear favourite, but australia has let itself down in the past. in season 1, the one person who made the show worth watching and kept it going past the first few weeks and not get the show cancelled and was expected to win came 3rd. in season 2 probably the most boring person out of the whole series won.

a bit sad i won't have bb uplate to watch for another year ><