Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not Again...

Seriously, can't these selfish morons just leave us alone? I mean, how many times do they have to repeat the same thing before they are satisfied?


Johann said...

Einstein once said : "There are two infinite things : the universe, and the human stupidity. But I'm not totally sure concerning the universe."

Jeremiah Andrews said...

When they kill enough people to satisfy their hunger for death, or they die in the attempt for martyrdom and paradise.

Striking terror that's what they do best. And what gets me is that some of those suspects were DOCTORS in the service of the UK Public. What an abomination. They should all burn in hell and loose their Hippocratic license.

Now every time one goes to a hospital the thought of "Gee are you a terrorist" will arise. Bastards...

They should all go back to the desert where they came from.

rant over.


jemmytee said...

They claim to act for God but do the devil's bidding. They think they'll go to heaven and have 70 virgins at their beck and call, but they only bring oblivion to themselves. What angers me most, however, is how readily Moslem leaders wil swear Islam is a peaceful religion but then say little and do nothing to back it up. And this fanaticism is spreading, wildly. I truly wonder if we are about to enter a new Dark Age.

After all, this happened before -- during the previous Dark Ages. Read "El Cid" and "Orlando Furioso" and about Charlemagne and you'll see. Islamic armies nearly overpowered Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries, and it was only through the most horrific warfare that they were beaten back. And they still controlled much of Spain and all of Greece for centuries afterwards. Looks like they've decided to try, again. Demons, all.

goldeneyeuk said...

They are total C**ts, this sort of targeting of normal members of the public going on holiday, Saturday was the start of alot of the kids holidays in scotland. The airport was full of people going away for the annual summer holidays. Luckily the jeep got stuck in the doors, i walked through these door about three weeks ago, it is really scary to think what could have happended. The main check-in are is through these doors.
Sorry rant over.

PR8 check my blog, ive a message for you, i dont have your email to let you know personally.

Hooperfan said...

I was actually in Glasgow on Saturday but was completely oblivious to what had happened until Sunday morning.

Despite what could've been a major tragedy most Glaswegians have been making jokes about it but that's us Scots.

You certainly are aware of the increase in security. I travel to and from work via Glasgow Central Station and there are armed Policemen at the main entrance and a couple of Policewomen standing at the entrance to the car park.

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