Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who Are...

With DNA's Sexiest Men Alive issue coming up, it's time to have your say. Tell them who you think are the TEN sexiest men alive so they can put them into the sexiest issue of the year! Basically, you can choose absolutely anyone you like as long as they are sexy, men, and alive! Actors, musicians, reality TV stars, politicians, porn stars, athletes, news readers, models whoever tickles your fancy!

Seriously, it was painfully tough for me to decide who should be included on my list (as my list can go on and on forever), but I finally made up my mind and here are my ten nominations for this year's DNA Sexiest Men Alive. So, who are your Top Ten?


Hooperfan said...

1. Steve Hooper (Porn Star)
2. Brad Pitt (Actor)
3. Matthew McConaughey (Actor)
4. David Boreanaz (Actor)
5. Chris Hemsworth (Actor)
6. Marco Dapper (Model/Actor)
7. Matthew Fox (Actor)
8. Victor Webster (Actor)
9. Josh Holloway (Actor)
10. Dean Cain (Actor)

Trey Cruz said...

I vote Chad White as #1 as always.... right next to my boyfriend :-p

Would you mind blogrolling Trey Cruz - Homo Drama ? I already have you on my list

aeroth said...

james franco 1st, Then Matt Loewen 2nd

Of course, Matt Loewen would come first, if I had a chance to have dinner with him rather than James France ...