Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Seriously, how do these guys do it? I mean, they must have incredible flexibility to start off with! Well, believe or not, there are apparently 'tricks' out there for people who wanna become a self-sucker...


To prepare for your self-suck lesson you must do the following:
  • You must be totally naked!
  • This is because the clothes (especially belts) interfere with the bending over action!
  • Be sitting down in a chair that is stable, and that supports your crotch well.
  • Be erect! Make sure you get all the length you can get!
Now these are the steps for success to self-sucking:
  1. Get into a slouching motion so your back is curved outward.
  2. Place your chin right onto your chest so you are looking down at your penis.
  3. Hook one of your arms around the bottom of both of your legs. This is so you can push up with the arm and your penis comes closer to your face.
  4. Suck in your gut so your ribs can be pushed down over your gut, giving you a HUGE gain in distance.
  5. Now that you are in position, lean down toward your penis with your head and suck your way to orgasm!
Note: It takes time to work your back in to perform this action. So don't try to force it if it feels like you are gonna snap in two!

Umm, I have to admit I really don't have the flexibility to do it but it's always fun to watch those who can do it. Enjoy!


Johann said...

When I was a teen, I could take the entire glans plus one inch in my mouth.

Now... errr let's say I have some kilos in more.

Hooperfan said...

I wish I could cause no one else will do it for me.

Aschwin&Frank said...

Delicious looking cock! :-)

(awk)Word said...

When I first went through puberty, I would pull my legs over and let my dick drop down to my mouth. I was only able to get the tongue to just touch the tip (and instant orgasm).

Then I started lifting for football and baseball and was too thick and not nearly limber enough to get myself there. (sniff) I miss those days!

Queer Ranter said...


That's amazing!

ted said...

I really hope that I am flexible enuf to self-suck because no one do it for me as well.. :(
that was one time, I had a dream that I AM self-sucking myself! hahaha... wat a shame :P

YarravillePaul said...

great clip!!!

jimg29 said...

Is it true or just a myth that in order to fulfill autofelattio one should cut out portion of lower ribs? My neighbors' dog could do better!

Anonymous said...

giving head to own is a lonely punishment