Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Okay, first of all, let me just say: Does anyone REALISE there is a COMPETITION happening right here, right now at The Ministry of Pleasure? I mean, com'on guys, I'm pretty sure my two questions are more straight forward than asking Lindsey Lohan not to drink-drive with cocaine in her pocket PLUS you can win a $25.00 gift certificate and buy yourself some hot videos from TLA Video. How GREAT is that?! So you better start clicking the cute guy's photo (he's just right above us!) in the Anniversary Competition post or I'll beat your ass!

ANYWAY, back to the main subject of this post. Since I 'gave birth' to TMOP last year August, I never had the privilege to be interviewed by anyone about my gay blogging experience until a week ago when the blogmaster of Men By Fork, a fresh up 'n coming gay blog, asked if I can do a special interview for him. Without a doubt, I quickly replied, "Of course," but in my mind, I was like, "Hell yeah, finally someone appreciate my hardworks and wanna know how I do it! Bring it on!"

So, HERE you are guys and DON'T FORGET to leave Men By Fork some comments! He is still a learning kid in this Big Blogger World =)


Men By Fork said...

Thanks for the kind words Will :)
(And now go visit my blog and read the interview! :P)

Queer Ranter said...

Gratz to you. :)