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Flying Solo...

It's been about two years since he released his last single So Beautiful, one of my all time favourite male artists is making a BIG come back, and here is a truly inspiring interview of him with The Sunday Mail.

Let Good Time Roll
Ritchie Yorke

DARREN Hayes is a man on a mission. Brisbane's most successful singer-songwriter is heading home with his husband, a new album and a strong sense of purpose.

While he now calls London home, Hayes and his partner, Richard Cullen, cannot wait to be in Australia.

"We're coming back to do ROVE (screening next Sunday night on Channel 10) and to shoot my next video in Brisbane," says Hayes, 35.

"Whatever else you might have heard, we're always delighted to return to Briz. In fact, it's the only Australian city in which we'd want to live. I don't feel comfortable anywhere else."

Hayes has tasted the rewards of musical success, amassing a personal fortune estimated at $30 million, since he and Daniel Jones burst on to the international pop scene as Savage Garden. But it's clear Hayes has changed since the heady days of the late 1990s. Perhaps it's the steadying influence of his civil partnership with Cullen, which was formalised in London on June 19 last year.

He says he is not worried that he had to leave his homeland to get hitched legally.

"People are always asking me if I have negative feelings about not being able to get married in Australia - but I don't."

When declaring his sexuality, Hayes was at pains to keep some distance between his professional and private lives.

"I couldn't have come out until I was in a very healthy relationship. So after the last tour Down Under and a show in Bangkok, I just wrote a blog while we were waiting in the departure lounge before we flew back to London."

He says he realised he was gay when he was touring with the first Savage Garden album and his relationship with Brisbane-based wife Colby Taylor was breaking down.

"When I came out ready to start a new chapter in my life, I wanted to do it with a real sense of dignity," he says.

Getting married was not the only recent big change in Hayes' life; he has become an independent artist away from the umbrella of the SongBMG empire.

The trigger was the refusal of Sony's US management, expecting more Savage Garden pop songs like To The Moon And Back and Truly Madly Deeply, to release his last solo album, The Tension And The Spark.

On The Verge Of Something Wonderful

When Hayes went to work on creating his new double album, This Delicate Thing We've Made, he formed his own label, Powdered Sugar, and self-funded his projects.

"None of the choices I've made have been smart business moves," Hayes says. "But I'm not a businessman."

"The one thing I particularly love about being independent is that I don't feel like I'm in a race any more. The music industry can be suffocating for an artist or for a sensitive person. Not only do you have to come up with something that is not only good, but can win the race they put you in. I've thrown that concept out of the window."

He says the new album represented "a dream that I've had for a long time".

"From loving those Prince records over a long time, plus loving the albums Hounds of Love by Kate Bush and Tusk by Fleetwood Mac - these were all records that have been very successful and very indulgent but they all came from a vintage period in my life. I've really had an incredible year, it's a beautiful feeling there's always some roses to smell."

In a recent UK interview Hayes spoke frankly about his life and tribulations. His discussed an abusive childhood and his contemplations of suicide a decade ago.

As he prepares to release the third album of his solo career, Hayes clearly find himself in a new space.

"I kind of accepted five years ago that I'd let go of that dream of being the biggest or the best. I just want to be around for the next 20 years."

"My goal now is to sell a million copies of the new album. And I want to win a Grammy some day. I would like to think that my music gets respect."

Before he flies in for the October leg of The Time Machine Tour, which winds up at the QPAC in Brisbane on October 25, he'll play two shows at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

Single On The Verge Of Something Wonderful out on Aug 06. Album This Delicate Thing We've Made to be released Aug 18.

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