Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Saints...

I believe most of you have seen the movie Latter Days by now (if you haven't, you better get your ass to the video store and rent it 'cos it's such a terrific movie) and we are all drooling over the adorable Mor- mon missionary played by the sexy Steve Sandvoss. Right?

Well, I guess some of you may think that these 18-22 years old clean cut white young men riding around on bicycles with their Book of Mor- mon are far from 'sexy' but you may change your mind (in fact, it will blow your mind) after seeing this 'religious' 2008 calendar!

For the very first time in history, twelve of the hottest and hunkies former missionaries are daring to drop their traditionally conservative black slacks, white shirt and tie and pose bare-chested in the 2008 Men on a Mission Calendar in an effort to promote religious tolerance and better understanding.

Seriously, this is something I never really expected to see, and now I really don't even know what to think of it except DON'T mess with a missionary man. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

The link to the video is no longer there, but I found this new one:

Maybe it was some issue with the song licensing, who knows but I like this new one better myself.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

The updated video is on my blog, since they took this one down.