Monday, August 06, 2007

Which Turns You On More...

Well, here is an interesting post (from a bisexual) that I read recently from a discussion forum.

"I'm attracted to girls and masculine gay guys. I've noticed that quite a lot bisexual guys prefer masculine gays over feminine gays. Some said that if they want someone femininity they would be with a girl. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, do you prefer masculine gays over feminine gays?"

Before I express my own thought on this matter, please forgive me if I've upset any feminine gays out here, but personally, if I have the choice, I do prefer manlier guys (both physical and emotional) and would rather date one... I guess the whole point of being into guys is the whole masculine thing. Right?


shrimp22 said...

I think it’s a case of gay guys ending up with one of those female genes the one where women want to be wanted by guys

Where they want someone nice to snuggle into and to be held by something solid and secure

Gay guys get stuck with this gene that’s y no matter how straight acting we might be we're still looking for that Mr right to hold us close

and bi guys well they get a taste of the gene and they either get hooked or they don’t some can find an even mix with it but in the end most will either be the one wanting to be loved or the one that is turned to for love

And so end the words of Ryan
(Not the guy writing the blog btw we just have the same name)

P.S. coming from a fellow Australian did u catch the BB final? Thomas should where just pants all the time... yum hehe

But alas as it is with the world of men...all the hot ones are taken, straight or not close enough to have in which case Thomas is all 3

jemmytee said...

To me the whole idea of being with a man is you want a man, not a woman or a copy of one.

Now I have nothing but respect for Drag Queens and all they entail; they're the bravest of the queer crowd because they are out there, in your face, every day in every way and you either take it or get the fuck lost. Politically speaking, they were at the vanguard of the gay rights movement and should be held in the highest regard. That said, I've never been attracted to one, not even when I was coming out and didn't know there were guys who were like any other guy and who liked guys.

So...I like guys who are guys -- WITH hair, not shaved down like a baby, thank you very much. To put an Aussie spin on it -- I much preferred the rough and tumble boy-bear of Russell Crowe in "The Sum Of Us" to Guy Pearce's queenieness in "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert", even though Guy is the better built of the two.

jemmytee said...

BTW - Marco Dapper is the epitome of what I would go for...if he'd stop shaving his chest. Using his photo to lead into the post is perfection, so far as I'm concerned.

Saul said...

No offence to feminine guys but personally I'm into masculine gay guys...would rather go for a girl if I preferred a feminine character....

shrimp22 said...

my bad PR8's name isn't Ryan thats someone else's blog

so does anyone actually know any masculine gay guys cause im not sure if its the same everywhere else or not but i cant say i know any here in tasmania

Queer Ranter said...

If only humans are easily classified like in the case of black and white. We're mostly gray. Some may possess more feminine character or some may have little feminine character. We're a blend of feminine and masculine characters anyways.

In the end of the day though, whatever tickles your fancy. :)

Hooperfan said...

I have to agree with Jemmytee. I prefer masculine men. That's what I find attractive about men is their masculinity. If I wanted someone feminine I'd go for a woman but I don't.