Thursday, September 27, 2007


Liam lugged the unit from the back of his truck towards the house. He looked at his clipboard again to make sure the effort was worthwhile. It read '28 Holloway' and it said 'Deliver & Install', therefore, someone should be home.

Liam put the eighty pound box down and rang the doorbell. He was glad weight training and swimming enabled him to schlep things like this around. He was tall, slim, and one would hardly suspect he could bench press his own weight. He rotated his shoulders and waited. There was no answer.

"Fuck," he muttered not sure if he should take the unit back to the truck, leave it there or what. Then he got the idea of checking around back. If the owner had a pool, he might be there and didn't hear the bell.

The side gate opened easily and Liam called out. There was no answer. As he approached he could see there was indeed a pool. Perhaps the owner was in it and didn't hear him at all. But the water was still. There wasn't anyone in the pool. Liam called out again and turned to leave.

"Hey," the voice came from the back. He saw a form moving in the bushes. "Weeding, wait a minute," the voice said.

The sight Liam saw was like in slow motion. A medium height half naked man moved away from the bushes. He dropped the garden tools and brushed the dirt from his hands, then he lifted his arms and stretched. His smooth beefy body bent, flexed, and stretched. Liam's eyes soaked up the sight. The person he saw was young, in fact, too young to own a house, pool, and have a new air con unit installed, he thought.

"He's out of town. But I'm here," the boy smiled and pulled the waistband of his tight shorts out and let them snap back. Liam noticed the boy was wearing a CK but nothing else. The bulge shifted as the boy snapped his shorts back.

"Uh, OK," Liam said. "It'll take a couple of days..." he realised he was stammering a bit as the boy moved closer.

"That's fine, I can help you know, I like physical labour," he smiled and flexed a bicep for fun.

"Uh, nice, well there is an 80 pound unit out front, but I can get it," Liam laughed and flexing his own biceps, which was hidden by his shirt.

"OK, I'll get it!" The boy was gone before Liam could tell him not to. So he started to look for the old unit in the house and found it was burned out, old, and definitely needed replacing. Liam took his shirt off, working more freely in his wife beater. He disconnected the old unit and removed the anchoring bolts.

"Damn, that bitch is heavy!"

Liam turned and found the half-naked kid carrying it on one shoulder. He felt his cock grown.

"Where do you want it? I mean THIS unit," he inferred Liam would think something else.

"Got to get this one off first," Liam smiled and hoped the kid would know what he really meant.

"I can help you get off," the boy said. "Nice shoulders," he added.

"Then give me a hand here," said Liam as he started to unzip his fly. He leaned on the boy and let him to milk him until his cum shot all over the boy's tight body.

"Shit, I messed you up."

"Well, clean me off then," the boy said, but Liam had already bent over to lick his own cum off the boy's abs and shorts. Pulling the shorts down, he swallowed the 7" cock until his throat became raw and lubricated by the kid's juice.

"Shit, that's better than Calvin," the kid said.

"Who's Cal..." Liam remembered the first name on his order blank - Calvin. "Well, I better get this air con worked on."

"I can help there too," the boy said as he took his shorts off. "I like working naked," he grinned.

As Liam thought, it took him two days to fix the unit, and at the boy's suggestion, he stayed overnight in the house so he could get an early start.

At of course, the sex was unending.

"You're right," Liam said putting his arm around the boy who had helped him.

"What? It was easier with help?" the boy asked.

"No, it's fun working naked like this," Liam said as he patted the boy's bare buttocks.

The boy reached for Liam's cock and played with it, then he knelt and put it in his mouth.

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What a wonderful fantasy! YUM!!!
Thanks Will!