Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Men In Uniform...

Gents, are you hungry for a man in uniform? Do you desire to date an athlete (including those sweaty personal trainers in your gym) or is a model more up your street?

If you answered yes to the above, you're not alone 'cos when it comes to eligible professions, doctors and firemen give us dating fever while politicians leave us cold.

A recent poll by Fast Impressions asked singles to vote for which profession screams 'sexy' and predictably, men and women were rarely in agreement. The poll revealed that for women (and gays I guess), there's something irresistible about a man in uniform, with doctors, firemen, and pilots scoring highest. Athletes and male models came in a close fourth and fifth. However, while the majority of girls consider them sexy, we don't consider them date material.

And it seems the ladies like 'em rich. In the dating department, women chose brains over brawn, opting to date lawyers, architects and doctors. Coincidence, these are also the highest paid professions included in the survey.

So who scores the lowest? Both men and women agree that politicians don't push the right buttons. The myth that no-one rates a nice guy has also been confirmed, with social workers, teachers and nurses close to the bottom of the sexiness ladder.

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